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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

are you afraid of dying?

its just a general thought.

are you afraid of dying? the answer would probably be yes. unless youre a 10 year old boy whom was asked a question in front of the class trying to answer it but at the same time trying to be macho. thats besides the point.

what is there to fear? nothing. because we dont really know what happens after that, and therefore the outcome is unforeseeable. when people encounter these kinda situation, something that they dont comprehend, the common thing to do is to ignore it and push it aside, until something happens that makes you feel closer to death.

is there really heaven and hell? no one really knows.

i assume that it is something people pass down from generation to generation, even penning it down into story books and stuffs just to cover up the uncertainty of life after death, or just death.

when someone close to you dies, everyone around you will console you and say: he is going to heaven...

when someone hurts you, you curse him and pray that he goes to hell...

it is so commercialised to a point where we dont really feel or even think what is really there...

i dont know why am i writing this down. or why the sudden thought of the topic. i guess this is what happens when i have too much free time now that i am having a break from work.

back to the question, are you afraid of dying?
no normal person in the right mind would know how to answer it.
i can only assume that if you are dying, you will be so afraid, so confused, asking why is this happening to me, trying to seek forgiveness from those we have hurt and trying to make full use of the remaining time we have left living as a person.

but can you imagine what would be going through a person's mind if he is dying?
no. nothing. everyone reacts differently.

those who cant understand it might just go crazy. if its an illness, he or she might not even have the strength to even digest the situation. some people just die in a coma, some die from infection, some in vehicle accidents, they dont even have the time to think about dying. but what if, what if the person is suffering from HIV? or cancer? those conditions could be long term taking up to a few decades or it could be as short as a week before it kills you. for now there isnt a cure for those.

can you imagine what would you do or feel if you found out you are infected with HIV?

or if you have cancer?

people would say they will make full use of their remaining time in their life to make amends and do whatever they have not done, experience and live each day like its their last.

but can you imagine doing all that with a big reminder in your head: you are going to die...


i dont think anyone could make full use of their remaining time not worrying and feel distress about stuffs..

we can't really blame sufferers for feeling that way, because we dont feel that way and we wont understand how they feel.

we can't just ask them to stay positive, how and where are they gonna try to draw that positive energy from when there is a big negative planted in their mind.

if you met someone who is facing death and is really really optimistic, you are just lucky. but you will always need to remember that behind those smile, it hurts each time and it scares them each time the thought of dying happens. you cant stop someone from thinking something they know. you can always distract them but thats just a temporary escape from reality.

my point or what i am trying to say in this short post is that, its not easy living a life when you know youre dying, no one will ever understand what you are going through as emotions like that cant be described by words, but always remember that no matter what happens, you still have friends and family that loves you.

sometimes they might not understand you for making the decisions you chose, you will have to be the better man and laugh it off, they might love you too much to not understand your actions. you can ask why should you understand what people dont and choose to not bother, but thats just your own choice.

to those who understand even the slightest bit, you will be happy to know that they are gonna be there no matter what, physically, emotionally and in spirit. you can give up on life, but dont give up on your friends and family.

im only 25, i feel like 69. haha. i wanna be 7! can i? :)


  1. 1) people with hiv with the right medication can live almost as long as those who don't have hiv
    2) this is not a 'short' post lo...
    Anyway, I thought briefly about death today too. Coz of the Islamic State video i think. (the American journalist who is feared to have been beheaded)

    1. 1) lol , i did mentioned it above la "those conditions could be long term taking up to a few decades or it could be as short as a week before it kills you."
      2) l m a o

      hahahaha.. dont usually think about all these but maybe that particular day i was just being into the moment thats all ba..

  2. I am afraid of dying, afraid to lost someone that I love. The pain is unbearable.

    1. haha.. no one doesnt la... its envitable... its just a process of life khai, if there is a start there will be a ending! :) think open a bit ba...

  3. When mortality is shoved into your face, it puts many things into perspective

  4. Every living creatures' ultimate goal when born is to die. Harsh but true. But before reaching that goal, we get to live. And we should try to live as how we want to. Enjoy our life.