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Saturday, August 23, 2014

you control your own destiny...

hey, youre not back for 3 years, not homesick arr?

my honest answer. no.

one of my cousins said that im being ungrateful, thinking that malaysia is not good enough for me..

arent you lonely? i mean i know you dont really have anyone there, no family whatsoever right?

i think i love the freedom and im not afraid of being lonely... i rather be lonely than to be back home..

if im alone in the UK i would usually just walk to the beach and clear ma mind, breathe in the sea breeze, its just so calming... well its easy for me as i live near the sea...

i can easily drive out to the gay scene and just go to saunas or pubs and mingle.. and of course also enjoy the sex there.. without fear of raids whatsoever...

i feel like i was born in the wrong country.. lol.. the western culture especially the gay-tolerant culture is more suitable for people like us...

im not homesick doesnt mean that i dont have my family values and shiz.. i love my family, but no one can stop me when it comes to what i want in life.. i guess everyone should live a life of their own and not someone else's. i would respect if you would want to go home after your studies from overseas because family comes first for you. but i would despise you if you were to go home just because your family wants you to and its not your own intention..

we are all living beings and each one of us should in a way control our own destiny. 

i love my family and i know that no matter what i do in life, i know that as long i am happy, my family would be happy too. sometimes they might not agree with what you do, but it doesnt mean it is the wrong thing to do.

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