t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

officially 25


im 25.

i still cant believe that im 25.

i feel like i havent achieved anything in life.

im usually quite optimistic but being unemployed has its perks.

ive got friends who own properties and assets at 25.

some are millionaires.

well of course there are those who are struggling and some that are not even there at all but...

I dont know why, but suddenly being 25 hit me just across the face.

I feel useless all of a sudden. and OLD!, did i mention OLD? urgh.. it felt like i was just 18 yesterday and having all the sex in the world with random strangers.


ok maybe i'm being a little dramatic.

what do i want in life?

what do i wanna achieve that made me feel like i havent accomplish anything?

i really dont know.

ive been back for a month now. having the time of my life not doing anything, just burning my pocket and filling the tummy with good food.

i wanna go back to the UK but I dont know, it doesnt feel like UK likes me as much as I like it..

my wake and sleeping patterns are all over the place, im writing this at 5am! can you imagine? lol

everyone thinks Yea, Tuls will be fine...

yea, Tuls is a smart kid, he knows what to do..

Tuls has been to the UK, he must be really rich now!

me this me that...

everyone just assume I'm all that just because I'm always happy, bubbly, optimistic, tall, dark, handsome.. i think im gifted.. not everyone can put on that front everyday of their life..

well at least i know im gifted in that way........ thats so cool right? right?....................... yea............

i think im just having one of those down days.. lol...

i'll be fine in no time! :) haha...

but i guess sometimes its good to spill and write things down...

few days ago i even asked Keith the marry me! lol like jokingly.... and he was like: now youre telling me that.


i knew he was considering it if i hadnt break up with him....

but o well, life is exciting this way isnt it, unpredictable and full of shit..

Keith is currently dating his ex bf now...so yea, hope he finds his happiness "again" ... but i know the sex i gave him was the best.. *flip hair* and Keith confirmed it so Mr Ex-Bf can just suck on that and Keith can only imagine what he will be missing out... haha.... MARRRRRY ME KEITH!!!

thats the desperate TULS trying to get out from Malaysia the easy way out.. lol..


  1. Only 25 nia! Ishhhh...Hahaha, happy birthday!! Well 25 is when someone start getting fat ahahaha!

    1. thanks thanks :) oh im not denying that, im looking at the scale while typing this! lol

  2. Happy belated birthday, my snaky friend.