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t u l s

Sunday, September 28, 2014

where is bubu..?

it is a question i can never run away from, and so i embrace it with a smile each time..

everytime i meet someone who knew that i was with bubu before this, standard question would be where is he? are you guys still together? are you guys getting back together?

well, let me tell you folks, he is doing well, now doing his post grad studies, not in the country at the moment, single and unavailable :)

are we getting back together? haha... lets keep that a secret la..

whenever the bubu topic arises, i will usually get nervous and all but this time round, its not there anymore.

not sure why.

maybe ive accepted the fact, the truth and come to realize that we are just friends now.

i remember taking a picture of our chocolate, our first chocolate that he got for me, got for us and it will always be our chocolate, and send a pic of the chocolate to him 3 years after we separated..

whats that?

dont you remember?

remember what?

haha.. that instance i know deeply, he had moved on, why cant I? and with that, I think it somehow help me move on..

maybe bubu did it on purpose, maybe not, but whatever it is, it helped..

after 3 years, i feel like im finally free, its not easy, not easy to admit or to think that i finally let go someone that i used to love so much...

or have I?



  1. I know the song for you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8eRzOYhLuw

    To be honest I find her high notes annoying, and reports of her extreme diva behaviour at such a young age makes me want to punch her in the face..... But yeah this is the first song I thought of after reading your post :P

  2. Stay strong my dear.....love hurts sometime.....but we all are here always for you ;)

  3. im ok everyone... lol...

    or am i? lol hahahahahaha... chilla you peeps...

  4. thats the nice warm feeling we have of someone we were with previously after we've moved on. keep him in a small corner of your heart. cherish the memories of the him when you were with him. he is probably a different person now. so try your bestest not to have expectations of him today using the lenses of yesteryears. not gonna be fair to him nor to you if you do that.