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t u l s

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tuls starts to work!!

yup yup... work starts on Monday, everyone wish me luck ok!! :) lol i dont think i need luck, i dont think i need anything, i just need to see Carter.. lol...

back when i was in UK i keep telling myself "i need to come back, i have to come back, i dowana go back to shitholeland"... but look at me now, im here! lol. i dont know, i feel like even then while i was working in the UK, i didnt really fight or put much effort into getting a job in the UK, everyone has been saying "its not easy", yup, immigration is really shitty and getting a visa is tough but it is not  not doable, ive been telling myself that its ok, i will get to come back here anyway, but i know i didnt even try at all..

after reaching shitholeland few months back, there were some stupid complication with my professional body in the UK and my registration and so that kinda delayed me apply for my professional exam in Msia and also affected my application for jobs in the UK. while i was working my way to rectify the problem with the pro body, i kinda enjoying the food here and also did some travelling around. that was also when i met up Carter and kinda changed everything. by the time the issue with the professional body was corrected, i was already with Carter.

if lets say i would have gotten a job in the UK back then, we wouldnt have met and we wouldnt have been together. if lets say Carter and I were to meet up a little later and if i were to get my practicing license earlier, without Carter in the picture i would have reapply to work elsewhere, maybe back in the UK and try to date a black guy that was kinda into me at that moment. lol. i can imagine Carter's face when he reads that line! hahahahahah...

each time i tell my friends that im staying here to work, and with them knowing im with Carter, they would say "you have to plan your future for yourself and not stay just because of Carter and etc". I know that they care and maybe cos they know that deep down i really dont like this place, and maybe they thought that Carter should understand and maybe go over to UK if i was there, i know. but the thing is, it is not like what they think. They didnt know the whole story but everything was ok after a little explanation.

ive sat down with my mum and also Carter, not together but on separate occasions and kinda work the figures out, of me working elsewhere and back home, and anyhow, i would have gotten just enough to cover everything in terms of expenses with not much extra to spend if i were to work overseas with my current work experience and qualification. and so ive decided to stay. in a way, i could kill x-birds with this stone. Carter would be nearer to me. not to say that he wouldnt if i were to go away, ultimately he would work his way over to come to where i was working anyway, im sure of it. apart from that i could spend more time with mum as well since ive been apart for a whole 3 years. well, in a way i still have business back here that i could easily say that i can leave behind easily which i could but it would be a lie if i say i dont miss them. 

since i left for the UK and being back here, ive gained a total of 15kilos. ive got bigger love handles now, haha, and i think it will keep getting bigger up until Chinese New Year next year and then i will start doing something about it! :) haha..

but yea,  TULS starts to work already, wearing shirts and shit, so whoever have got a work attire fetish, please come see me in KL ok lol. dont worry, im not overly obese or overweight, im actually at my ideal BMI now because of my height, but would be better if those kilos were muscles rather than fat stores :) haha..