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Monday, December 1, 2014

Carter liked me since I broke up with Keith? o.O


so, for those who dont know who is Keith, Keith is my bf when I was studying in the UK, well, one of, i had 2 but whatever. anyway, i think Carter was the only friend in Malaysia that i think i told keith of, Keith knows my besties in the UK and aussie but really, to think of it, both my White British boyfriends know about Carter..

thats a good start isnt it.


anyway, I remember talking to keith about Carter all the time and they always have conversation through me in a way, like Keith would go: hey are you talking to Carter? tell him i said hi. , and then once i passed the message then Carter would go: hey Keith.. lol.. , those kinda stuffs, like the conversation will be short and simple. lol

anyway, i dont really keep in touch much with the people in malaysia when i was in UK, due to... lots of factors, mostly are excuses but... haha.. oh well... nevermind, lets not go there.. but there were a few people that i do talk to, some bloggers, and also Carter. basically Carter knows all my bf-s too, weirdly enough and vice versa.

Well, couples do have problems, and whenever something happens I would find someone close to rant and talk to and Carter would be among those. lol. Carter kinda helped solved a few of my domestic household problems with Keith so, well its a good thing la, not to say he is like some counsellor or what la but like at least i get a third person's view on the matter, unbiased.... ..... to think of it, maybe he was! LOL hahahaha.. joking joking...

i still remember that when i decided to break up with keith and move out from his place, we talked a lot then, lol, to think of it we talked very regularly so i cant really say we talked a lot then cos we do talk alot all the time anyway.

but through it all i never felt anything from him at all..

he didnt give me the vibe that he wants me, he didnt give me the vibe that he likes me..

He was just there as a friend for me.

O M G, after Keith i met little Tommy! gosh... i kept talking about Tom to Carter.. like how cute Tom is, and how big Tom's dick was and ... gosh... it must have been really hurtful to hear that now that i realize.. hahahaha...

i mean what if the person you likes talks to you about some other guy, ewww, i will just either unfriend him, or just kill myself... lol hahahaha... awww... Carter o carter, i can only imagine the jealousy that ran through you all those times.. hahahahahaha..... LOLOL... poor baby carter..

i think it shouldve been tortorous for him cos i had so much sex after that and I kinda storied it to him most of the encounters ! shit!! lol hahahahahaha.....

aww... i feel bad now. but, well, whats done is done la, its just so funny to find out about this now!!! :)

its been a month now since we started this ship, guess we will be sailing this ship for much much longer :) so far we are still sailing in the sea of honey towards the moon, hope this sail never stops ! :)

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  1. Awwwww... happy sailing in the sea of golden honey! =D