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t u l s

Sunday, July 31, 2011

slow shit mudda faka!!

so i paid all my tuition fees and everything and cos i was rewarded for some academic excellence shit and extra koku shit i got a rebate of 7K and guess what!! i pay up all my fees in time never late and for them to issue a cibai cheque takes like what? 2months?!!!

fucker im leaving in less than a month and you say you need 2 month to fucking refund me?

what the hell?!!!

is like telling me to buy coffin after im dead!! er.... that doesnt make sense....


fucking just go through my stupid accountt, issue the outstanding amount, get someone to sign it off then thats it la!!!

whats so difficult?!!?!

fucker that dont even need a week man!!

you want some duit fucking kopi rm50 so that i can get my cheque today is it?!

i change the 50 bucks all into 5 cents coin and i throw it to your face la cibai i need the fucking money im fucking broke now shittttttttttttttttttt!!


sorry... was very "ng song".... suddenly i felt that going overseas wasnt a very good choice after all... but the thing is ... ive come so far.. no turning back now.. just hope for the best for my future... hm...


  1. Cheer bro...
    uni is like this de la..
    my uni also the same...
    have a bright future bro...
    not malay la..
    no need the bin..
    jz tuls bubu...
    follow ang mo...

  2. malaysia uni are all the same, chill~

  3. wow, rebate so much haha!

    Sounds like you're a high achiever! Kudos!! :)

  4. wow looks like someone is so damn good until dapat the academic excellence award thingy! Congratulations! XD

    haiz how, I'm just panicked and worried. My uni is freaking damn slow and inefficient. I'm still waiting for my CAS. I just don't understand why it took them so long to issue that even though I have received my unconditional offer letter 4months ago. =.=
    haiz... So scared later it'll take longer time for my visa application and ZzZzZz... I've booked my airticket... ><

  5. Hahaha...the coins joke seems so familiar...

  6. so many F bombs. May be if u demand them, they will leh :P

  7. @naughty ~ i love your thinking! muahahahah

    @orange wee ~ hm...

    @jboy ~ erm.. the last post i think everyone thinks im stupid de lor dumb blonde ma... i ni memang! hahahaha

    @ninja ~ all the best! my friend's visa is approved in 2 days! should be fine!!

    @ooi2009 ~ alright!

    @CX ~ :) tsank you~

    @nicky05 ~ hm... no lor... i demand jor..