t u l s

t u l s

Friday, September 2, 2011

the touch down..

no more sweaty land for me.. i barely sweat here and im loving it still...

there are thousands of ducks instead of crows...

fat pigeons that are human friendly..

places and buildings that are built in ways that are fucking convenient for the disable...

lots of guys that all taller than me..

alcohol cheap as water.. not that i drink..

water from the tap..

coins are used more than notes..

electricity tariffs just increased..

5 mins walk from uni..

15 mins walk from city...

greggs is like the toastbox in sg..

no stray dogs anywhere...

super silky hair cos not sweaty...

im loving this place..

miss you bubu.

im kinda still settling in... still kinda messed up.. sorry bloggie for abandoning you quite awhile.. you boomz la.. brb k..


  1. what are the downfalls of the place ah? ,compared to malaysia?

    p/s : bubu so moist

  2. shyt... im gonna stay in dubai for 3 hours for transit. ==

  3. pictures of the place, oh yeah~~~~~

  4. @ooi2009 ~ i will write it one day ok! muacks!

    @naughty prince ~ i will dont worry..

    @ninja ~ hahahaha.. that is still ok.. mine was 9!!

    @lazy ~ :) me love too!!

    @orange ~ will try to upload later! muacks!!