t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

autumn in my heart...

21st September officially marks the first day of autumn..

everything will wilt soon...

everything will turn brown and die..

although summer is full of life, but i have enough summer in my life..

i want a change..

i want something different..

and now that ive got it, i will treasure every moment..

to some people its easy to just go to anywhere they want..

a flick of a finger is all they need..

but to those who work hard to get there..

every little single detail counts..

im now like some super aunty in comparing prices for groceries and house necessities..

i dont consider myself as a good cook but still ok la.. all my friends like my cooking.. not that i cook for them or what..

classes starting next week..

to those back home in malaysia, if youre on holiday, have fun; if youre facing an exam, good luck; if youre single and lonely, cheer up, life is too short to be sad..

and to the autumn in my heart, although youre so far, i still miss you everyday..

harmee, old town white coffee and bak kut teh sachet! i love you very much! :)


  1. Hahaha..."Belilah barangan tempatan. Buatan Malaysia".


  2. I love this picture.. look kind off emo and cool but looking at the food it makes me happy and hungry hahahaha.

    Take care!!!!!

  3. look like horror comedy .... hantu~~~~makan BKT & kopi puteh...

  4. just brought this three thing to there ar??how bout other buatan malaysia??

  5. u look so like emo skinny bitch la ....i tak dapat sex u if u like dat la

  6. seriously??? 21st sep marks the 1st day of autumn? it was my bday!!!!! XD
    omg i cant take the coldness la... ><

  7. Ur just so cute and... caring :-) The part of asking people not be to sad for being single :-) All the bestie!

  8. Tuls, I used to be Skyhawk of my-loving-couples and now I have changed my blog due to some reasons...please kindly add me to your blog list and remove the old one.

  9. @CX ~ now barangan buatan malaysia is damn kemahalan here... hahahaha

    @jboy ~ muacks you!

    @deicidal ~ sei yeh... hahhaha.. i prettier than ghost ok! thanks! hahahahaha

    @AJ ~ got la alot more.. but takkan i sleep on my bed and post with all the food meh?!?!

    @ooi2009 ~ i pun tak mau sex with you! blek.. i got other people to sex with! ngek ngek ngek.. you jaga my bubu for me k!

    @naughty prince ~ thanks my prince!

    @ninja ~ sorry for not wishing you... :( happy belated ok! muacks you!

    @le chatelier ~ thanksy!! :)

    @antonios ~ omgosh... power~! ok ok~~