t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, September 4, 2011


i was on the weighing scale and my o my i realize that in just 3 months i gained 15 kilos...

its so what the fuck... 

i know some of you might be thinking that tuls is some fat fuck shit cow or something.. hahaha.. i am.. very fat.. fat until no one will like those kind..

only bubu will benefit from it :) cos no one will wanna cow me and he can claim me back after i graduate! hahahahahaha.. wtf..

but seriously i admit that im fatter and the pictures can prove it lor.. i dint really believe that im fatter until i saw the pics..


how to control?

the weather is so cold its so convincing and inviting me to eat and eat and eat and seriously i eat non stop..

i brought julie's peanut butter cookies and coles chocolate chips and im munching all day, before lunch, after dinner.. nyum nyum nyum..

shit man...

have to have self control jor..

if not later i go back no one can recognize me.. hahahaha.. wtf!!

but anyway im safe and sound here for those who are worried so dont worry la alright! :) 

muacks you guys!!


  1. FIFTEEN?! :O

    control your fingers! or mouth! hahahaha

  2. continue to eat but increase ur energy out put....
    exercise or gym...

  3. just when I thought my 10 kgs in 6 months is bad enough...

  4. Lazy, consolation ?! At least Tuls doesn't look fat.
    Nice drawing using bolder line indicating bigger self;)

  5. now u realised that urself have gained weight. haha. btw I duno myself got rabun onot la. I saw ur tummy wor .:PPPPP

  6. @aiden ~ why fingers? :( hahahaha.. i will try!!

    @naughty prince ~ not cheap to join a gym here.. hm...

    @lazy ~ hm... i know.. but what to do..

    @brainy ~ i dont look fat arr? erm.. ok.. thanks. hahahahaha.. oh yea.. just realize how you know how i look like! hahahahaha

    @nicky ~ tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! but wait arr.. that one memang got since forever wan de wor.. hahahaha