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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

shock of my life... Part 1 - The News

as usual we had our normal weekly weekend meets cos im busy with my studies and he busy with work, and he lives at the next city so living together is still quite difficult cos of my hectic schedule..

anyway, sex is definitely one of the weekly programme that is compulsory and so when I was quite horny and ready to initiate the session Keith suddenly stood up and went to the next room and brought me a leaflet..

Non-specific Urethritis(NUS)...

for one second i went blank... i was like.. whats this?

and he went well, i went to the GUM clinic and had a check and they gave me this... (GUM = genito-urinary medicine, clinics to check the cibai and kukubird for STDs)

well, why did you go like?

mm.. i had a discharge...

what? when?

well, last weekend, and i went to the clinic on monday...

and you didnt tell me?

well, its not something i would wanna tell you over the phone...

but like.. you should have told me earlier and i could have went for a check earlier as well...

....hm... yea.. maybe i should...



.....so... did the doctor say anything?

she cant see anything under the microscope and that is why NSU...

any meds?

well i was given 4 tablets of azithromycin...

chlamydia treatment... eee.....hm..... is your discharge like coloured?

well, its like white-ish...

hm.... have you had any before this like?

that was like 10 years ago!!!

hahahahaha.... .............................wait, after meeting me, did you had it with anyone else?

*pop eye* no, i havent been dating for quite awhile until i met you.. and after you.. no one..

hm... then its me then.... i wonder who gave it to me...


hihihihi... not telling...


continue cuddling...

im gonna first thing on monday...

doctor say no sex for a week..

well of course, i know!!! 

im just saying!! 

hahahahaha..... means no week for another week as well cos i will be under treatment..

*mission impossible 3 was playing on tv then....*

the atmosphere suddenly became quiet, with clouds of worries drifting everywhere...

doctor said it might just be a urinary tract infection, or maybe like change of new washing liquid or whatever..

i know... but like.. hm... yea la, hopefully nothing la...

whats la?

oh....la is like a suffix malaysians love to use it at the end of a sentence, its like how you guys love to use words like LIKE at the end of every sentence.. ok?

why only now you say it?

because im too comfortable around you already...


continue cuddling.....

sunday night, instead of taking the bus to work like i usually do, i walk all the way there, took me a whole 40 minutes just thinking.. lol.. as though world end like that... but yea...


  1. on 2nd paragraph i think i will go blank also,haha
    may Keith get well soon

    1. oh he is fine already thanks very much...

  2. hmm .. all the best .. to both of u :)
    cheers :))

  3. Cute in a way..
    Don't train him to use la's and ma's..
    All my friends use it in the weirdest and forced way just to make me feel "comfortable" when they talk to me. Sohai one LA.. lol

    Get well him!
    Night night tuls!

  4. I didn't know i had to worry about whitish discharge.... but who's the doctor here? ;P
    All the best anyway.

    1. O.O oooooooooo... now you know lol.. but like what the doctor say, it could be change of washing powder, new sheets, new environment, urinary tract infection etc.. :)

  5. You mean he pee, there's this whitish thing coming out also ?

    1. nola, before pee, you can squeeze the discharge out one without pee-ing.. it will just flow out one..

  6. hmm if he got it from you, then you should have symptoms too right? But if you pee normal and all, maybe it's him? :O

    I don't know anything about this STD actually.... but doesn't sound like serious right?

    1. in males, half of them are asymptomatic anyway, so does not mean that i will have symptoms.. even if i do have signs or symptoms at my cibai behind, it will be difficult to notice jugak.. well, up to now only HIV is a chronic thing.. the rest are curable.. so no worries..

  7. It can be anything..not necessarily STD. Maybe he just had some infection which is quite common. Anyway, take care and precautions ;)

  8. I am shocked... I tot condoms can protect from everything already. May both of you be well.

    1. *kept quiet while looking left and right*

    2. Yala... Still on the way to recover from shock. I am fragile.... Saw yr comment on Shin Yong asking me to continue writing. Suddenly feel ok already....

    3. :) nola sayang, i didnt really use protection... so its easier ba..

  9. hmmmm... for the love of my life... with enough stimulation, i always end up having whitish discharge... in squirts....

    1. lolllllllllll... i can cum 3 times in a row within a minute :)