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Monday, January 21, 2013

shock of my life... Part 2 - The Test

so i woke up at 8 in the morning knowing that the clinic opens at 9, ok lor, took my time put on thick thick clothing cos it was like 0 degrees.. niama...

the clinic was a 30 minutes walk from my place so ok lor, just walk lor, take it as morning exercise.. it was raining renyai renyai...

once i reach there, i register lor.. then take number.. lucky number 4 then..

when registering, quite funny one, they ask you what race are you, omgosh the list got like 26 over option tau...

i was quite torn between chinese and other asian.. i cannot tahan so i just told her im from malaysia.. lolll.. dont know what she tick la.. fuck it..

then i went in and waited at the waiting room lor.. got kiddo age 16 or maybe lesser(looks really young but maybe older than me i dont know la..), and also handsome dudes all in the room.. damn power.. but i look like shit cos baru bangun so fuck it...



the waiting was crazy..

i waited for 1 hour and 20 minutes only sampai my turn.. niama or not..

went in and then this lady doctor in her thirties one i think sat me down and started a convo..

so im going to ask you some questions and some of them might be quite ridiculous but its part of knowing the condition better ok?

ok..(as a student of the same field, im quite open la so i just take whatever question she tembak me with)

what are you here for..

my partner, erm... he has got a discharge and so here I am..... well, he went to one of the GUM clinic to do his check already..

and what did the doctor say?

well, NSU? then bla bla bla bla bla

then come the funny questions, of course she made it as comfortable as she could while trying not offend me but i can tahan one... lol.. but some of the question are really funny..

how old is your partner? i was honest when answering questions about keith...

what is your partner's name? and which clinic did he went to?

did you had oral sex?

did you had anal sex?

when having sex, do you usually receive or give?

did you use protection?

how many partners did you have in the past six months? this question i lied, i said 4, but i think.....erm... the number should be multiplied by ________. lol... not saying!!!!!!!!

well, did you use protection everytime you do it? well, to be honest, i lied too in this question.. urgh...

do you know any of their names? i lied too...

where did you meet them? i said online dating la, but it was actually phone app, so it was a lie as well..

do you usually give or receive when you have sex with them?

what area did you meet up with them?

are they caucasian or asian in origin or a mixture? hohoho... this one no lie.. this one i honest.. :) lol..

well, Mr Tuls, im just gonna take some blood from you, do a throat swap, a swap from your back passage as well as the front, and also I will need a urine sample..

now if you dont mind can you take off your pants and lie down by your side curling your legs up?

my asshole was exposed but i was not shy at all, i was like, come on sister, swap my ASS!!! a nurse was present there as well, shy nia aku, NOT!!!

and now if you could turn to the front...

omgosh... so geli, she pulled down my excessive foreskin, my foreskin was so thick she could hide her finger in it... joking joking.. lol...

im going to squeeze and see is there any discharge ok... and so she squeezed my dick head! no discharge!! :)

im just going to take a swap now alright, i think thats the worst feeling ever, it hurt so bad that omgosh i cannot describe, i winch when she swap me omgoshhhhhhhh.. HATEEEEEZZZZZZ!!

im sorry, did it hurt? yea... hm... im really sorry...

can you bring your feet up? and she started to examine my kaki.... and then my hands.. and she was like, syphilis is transmittable by the hands and feet and it is very common in the north east.. and i was like.. ok sister, whatever...

and if you dont mind, would you fill this bottle for me.. and she passed me the urine sample bottle..

ok, if you think that swapping the dickhole is painful, wait till you pee after that.. it was FUCKING PAINNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after coming out from the toilet, Doctor, you asked me whether I experience any pain while urinating right? well, I do now... she laughed.. i think i was too rough and maybe its inflammed now, but it will be fine in a while... i laughed too.. damn sohai funny la... lol... but a few hours after that it was fine already.. lol..

so after the test, i was brought into another room where another consultant came to me..

now, i want you to finish this course of medicine, its a 7 days course.. and after this 7 days, call this number and they will tell you your results ok.. 

im not giving you the one off course because anal sex is involve and it might not be that effective in clearing up all the infection just in case if youre wondering...

i was like rolleyes... lol

and during the "consultation/lecture/info giving", i found out that there was a medication that if i were to have sex unprotected and fear that HIV might be involved, i could get a Jab that is effective protecting against HIV if given in 72 hours after exposure, and i could get it in any gum clinic or AnE department...

that was the most OMG-est statement that i heard so far...

i didnt know such medication exist, and it would be so so so so so so much helpful if malaysia has that too, dont know they got or not la but.. omgosh.... like omgomgomg!!!

i was with Keith the whole time through whatsapp, at least he was there for me la..oh yea, mr soul232 was giving me spiritual alhamdulilah too..lol
taking the med in the one of my pocket, and the other was the paper with the number to ring after a week, i walk home feeling like its the longest walk in my life..

after reaching home, although i feel tired and i could sleep back knowing that class is still hours away.. i just cant,........... just speechless... staring blankly at the dinding... being dramatic sikit... lol...


  1. I totally need that jab.... tuls.. tolong poslaju to me

    1. herm... what have you been doing lately?

    2. lol.. 72 hours la babe... by the time reach there also cb die liao.. you find in malaysia ba... lol.. its called PEP, post exposure prophylaxis, go wiki find it... muacks..

    3. joker arr, nothing much ba, go uni, rush reports, presentation, meet keith.. like that lor..

    4. lol.. i damn perasan kan..., wait,

      did he raped you without protection thats why you needed it? 0.0

  2. luckily it was a lady doctor. what if it was a hot, hunky male doctor eh tuls?


    1. It's gonna be alive ! I mean.. awaken

    2. ahahahahhahahaha... well.. i have no idea.. but really la sometimes when i watch the medical examination of college student punya porn, i got imagine that the one lying down there is me lor then... hehe... ahem ahem... hahahahahahahahhaha i will musnahkan the whole consultation room! lolllll... got lubes and condom all in there lagi leh...

    3. my nearest experience was getting an x-ray done by a cute, sweet medical tech. i need to go shirtless for the x-ray. boy all the things that came to my mind .... :p

    4. hello mr technician *say with seductive tone*, should i take off my clothes? *bite lips*

  3. How are feeling now?


    oh well... forever the Tuls, taking life head on =D

    1. im good! :) never better! :) life is short, what if you die tomorrow? lol..

  4. Hope everything is well for ya!

  5. OMG seriously cannot imagine getting stabbed in the dick hole!!! that part is like damn sensitive :O :O :O

    I was wondering... how long does the infection last, as in if you didn't seek treatment, means you will just continue having this condition? Does that mean you could have got it from someone long ago?

    Golden rule of always playing safe!!!

    1. i know kan.. its so... oooooooooooooooooooSH!! lol..

      the infection last as long as you dont treat it ba.. and it will spread to other parts of the body.. and the complication of long term infection would be implicated more on women than men.. and like... long term complications are rare ba.. and 50% of men doesnt show any signs of chlamydia infection aka MOI, so yea, i could have gotten it from anyone at all.. lol..

      your Golden rule is Golden! :)

  6. what an experience...
    all the best .. n keep on boomzing :)

    1. thanks one.. i will boomz one.. :)

  7. Tuls ah, dun play anymore liao la, it's time to be a good boy, you will never know what will happen next~ =)

    1. hi Sharks, long time no hear you one.. you ok bo?

      i memang good boy now, once attached i good boy one, and only good boy to one person! :) lol..

    2. I am always here~~ can't you 'sense' my presence? hahaha! Good la like that!

    3. presence? ooooooooo.. are you some spirit? shark spirit? :) i know there is a shark god la.. hehe...

  8. i can imagine the scene in clinic. i had something like that too. i mean the clinical experience

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