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t u l s

Saturday, January 5, 2013

who dump who?

so i stumbled across this tweet and i was like hm... interesting!

lets break it down to 2 scenarios, he kena dump and he dump someone.. this statement kinda reminded me of my first relationship where that guy said to me(when we are still attached): ...something something... there's a whole line of guys waiting for me..

make me stun only, sei niama..i broke up with him a month after that.. and then a year after that i ended up with my bubu!! yayyyyyyyy!!


if he is the one kena dump, someone broke his heart and when he finally let go and move on, he realize that there are so many people line up just to be with him? means he good material kan? :)

what if he is the one that dumps, well, if he yang dump orang lain, i dont think there is anything to let go, more like just moving on kan.. more like he knows that there's a line of people waiting liao, so he just dump that guy and put this statement out to show to the whorld(exxagerated Whore + world) that he is the victim.. awww...

im kinda blonde in this matter leh..

oh btw, simon tyc, if youre reading this, i think youre kinda cute! :) this is for educational purposes only, your tweets are public anyway.. muacks..


  1. Hmm I think he's just doing something to make himself comfortable. Seeking comfort is one of human treat. Some through religions, some through family and friends, some by making others looks bad, some by viewing him/herself as the victim. I can't say what's right or wrong, (still inexperienced me). Just saying, basically he's seeking comfort.

  2. tuls,

    i usually try to not read too many things into what people write cos (1) i cannot assume we are all aligned in understanding the context of the situation (2) we cannot assume the author wrote what he/ she wrote in an objective manner or simply, that he has thought sufficiently deep enough to write what he wrote, and last but not least, (3) that my england is at the same level as his (and vice versa) when it comes to expressing myself...


  3. Rofl!! Tuls! Why you so mean go post his tweet macam ni? Free publicity for being an XXX... Lol