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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Young and Cute February 2.0....

ok so it is THE Young and Cute month of the Year again!!

last year I was quite boomz and crazy all about it cos the atmosphere and the requirement was high then, but this year, my february is packed with assignments, projects, presentations and exam!

i will definitely need some Young and Cute moment to keep me going, not being young and cute would make me tired and fat all the time!! lollll...

requirement for the month for me is to use the word Young and Cute whenever possible!! wohoooooooooooo!!! lol...

i think i need a break, my eyes are dying soon... im so sleepy i dont even know how to begin describing it..

i went through last year's February post and its so kelakar la just to go through all of it and its really amusing at times to just reflect on what you wrote a year ago and see how immature you are writing those nonsense but i guess thats just me! lollllll hahahaha...

i dowana grow up cos i wanna be Young and Cute! woooooooo...

its friday tomorrow, i'll be in the lab in the morn, work at noon and keith at night... cant wait to sleep.. im sleep deprived like to the max!!

so anyway..

I wish everyone reading this to be Young and Cute for the whole month of Fab! i mean FEB! lol hahaha... and dont be shy if youre a top, tops that are young and cute are rare ok!! i was always trying to get one but no market la... lolllll


ps i drew the pic below within 5 minutes, power ma? i know... dont say so loud i paiseh la... lollllllllllllll


  1. I think need to go back previous to understand how this idea came..lol

    Haven't met young and cute tops...alll....manly and mature ; )....LOL

  2. I really need to act more Y&C! Lately I feel like I'm losing my mojo and I'm no longer able to attract guys...

    Need to cute it up a notch and do some serious eye flirting and lip pouting hahahaha!!! :P