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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Penisssssss!! How short wor?!?!

this post is kinda superficial and like very shallow lol.. beware! the size queen talking .. lololol

i was chatttttttting with a dear fellow bottom sister blogger and as usual, the sex topic will never be too far away and so we talked about dick length like..

as a bottom in bed, I think it is 100% important to be satisified sexually la kan, if not then kena tukar partner! NEXTTTTTTTTT! this one consider superficial ma? lol

anyway.. so we were talking about minimum dick length requirement ! hahahaa..

some of you will go :)

some of you will go -.-

some =.=

some ........................

but i know majority will be  :)
hahahahahaha.. perasan much..

anyway we were talking and i was kinda shocked with his answer... he said 4.5 inches!! and i told him for me have to be at least 6 and with a certain width...

cos like i can just use my finger to do myself instead if so cute cos my hole need to be strechteh(however you spell it) to be stimulated !

maybe his hole very tight kot... thats why 4.5.. i pernah encounter one 4 dulu and i fake it the whole way... like THE WHOLE WAY!!! i was wondering when can he cum fast so i can go... so boring... lol.. sound so bitchy but its trueeeeee! lol..

another sister dari dunia ketiga was saying Skills come first then only size, but mati mati pun dia tak cakap size, and he versatile, i no like orang berversatile! lol.. maybe cos i jelly them .....

but to me, if no size, how skillful you are also no use one... and if you got size, but no skill? nevermind!! cos i power bottom i will mengeskill it myself! you just get it hard and i will do the job! muahahahahahahaha....


whats your minimum requirement wor?!?!?! i wont judge! :) muahahahahaha....

 btw... i the thicker the better :) and like if got big big mushroom head is such a bonus! the first dickhead penetration is so WOW!!!! LOL.. im so horny now.....


  1. Hahaha, hahahah.

    OMG ! Those illustration of dicks are so priceless.

    Anyway, didn't know that "tight hole" can get stimulates easier...

    1. :)

      i think can one lor... well.. not to say i have both to compare.. but , just imagine la, when you first get penetrate that time , damn syok right...! but after awhile, the penetration doesnt induce it liao, you need to go deeper to stimulate it.. lol.. so technically it kinda proves the size theory... or maybe not. lol

    2. Hmm...I go try tonight.


  2. 5-7 loo... too small cannot, too long tak mau~

    too thin don wan, too thick also don wan...

    1. like me, must check first, strip them down, check for before and after erection then only decide whether wanna go pak tor or not! :) muahahahahahahahah

  3. Haha I once faked it with a 4 too... because I wanted to be polite, and it was kind of awkward actually, because you can't really feel anything....

    Most of my encounters have been like 5... I think that's the average of my Tops haha...

    End of the day, size really does make a difference. The best sex I've ever had, and I think I blogged about it before, is with that half Thai guy, his was like 6+ and thick... but he was also very skillful, so I don't really know if it was the skill or size that really made the impact... But I've never had anything better than him so far... too bad he has a bf now hahaha :P

    1. ei, no hope meh? haih... hahaha.. you must become who you want to be with, then only you can attract guys like that, so from now, train hard j-boy! you can do it de! i also will fuck my hardest to capai itus! :)

  4. LOL!! too small no feeling mah..
    My friend actually asked one guy before "why aren't you erected" before kicking him out because size cmi.. Lolol

    1. yer, your friend sounds so like me one! lol... but i will never be the one inviting people over, its usually no pics no talk.. filter first! :)