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Friday, March 1, 2013

the 5Cs in a gay's life!

im not kidding but there's a wikipedia page of 5c's of singapore where it list the materialistic Cs in a Singaporeans. lol.. Cash, Car, Condo, Credit card and Country club membership.

why so materialistic for what, now in turn i will create the 5Cs for the happiness of Gays! ok ma? ok!!!!!!


every gay man will definitely need a cock! no cock no life la! im wondering whether will i ever get bored of cock... maybe...................NOT! lol.. there are people out there that doesnt have sex, i salute them la, i think of sex every other hour, lolll,, i try la... hahahaha...


well, the urban dictionary says that camp is "floppy wrist", my camp is more like effeminatism.. like no matter how "straight acting" *rolleyes* you are, deep down there is surely a part in you that is crying out loud gentle or vulnerable that once triggered, would explode into beautiful rainbows!! :) you may look as tough and as strong butch from the outside, but only you know the campness in you! lol.. dont know make sense or not but i get it la..

and i hate gay guys who only want "straight acting" gays, there is no such thing as straight acting la com'on, the same goes to: that person is so gay, gay got one kind of look one meh? niama! but i also use it la kadang kala! lolllllll..


who enjoys cumming? *raise hand*

who enjoys shooting cum inside someone's mouth? *raise hand fingers vibrating*

who enjoys cumming all over his chest while riding a cock that hits the abcdefg-spot? *raise hands shaking palm vigourously*

who enjoys edging so much and shoot his whole week's load into someone else and ask that person to push it out and keep continue fucking? *put down hand - cos im the one who is pushing it out lol*


well, some people die alone, but inevitably we would want someone to be there through good and bad times and have good sextastic relationship, building lives together, being comfortable and just enjoy each other's company kan? well, thats all what we are looking forwards to! no? :)



thats right!!!

im not kidding!!

the last C is for Chlamydia, some of you might go scratching heads thinking what the hell am i talking about.. haha...

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection transmitted through risky sexual activities that is curable! :) i think every gay guy need to get it cos:

1. It scares you

2. You will be so afraid of STD that you would think a few times before having random risky sex the next time

3. It teaches you to be a more responsible person in terms of sexual activities

4. You will then in return help others by sharing your experience and hoping that the future generation would play responsibly...but, dont think that will work without a scare, thats why chlamydia is essential! :)

i put chlamydia cos its also starts from C, so ngam! cannot put HIV cos that one too extreme liao, not curable also.. hihi...

so there you go! the 5 Cs! cock camp cum couple chlamydia agree ma?


  1. I thought cook would be one of them, totally didn't expect chlamydia xD

    1. hahahahahaah... why cook jek? not all gays have to cook or must cook ba! :) chlamydia is compulsory! lol

  2. Agreeable to almost all of the above.

    Indeed, you made a well observation on the 5Cs in the gay society.


  3. tuls! time to change your heading picture... ok, the 5cs for me would be closet, cock-cock, cock-cock-cock, cock-cock-cock-cock and cock-cock-cock-cock-cock... simple and sweet.

    closet is something that ALL of us has sometime or other, other than that, all other c would refer to 2 or more cocks (for gaydomship)... as for all other c you've listed, my opinion is that they also applies to to straight people including "camp"... my opinion is that every one of us (including straight people have the potential to be camp, only that many a times, they stay suppressed).

    1. change liao for you thanks! :) hahahahahaha...

  4. haha I want only the first 4 Cs hehe :P

    Tak nak Chlamydia!!! :O

  5. I'm glad you are being so positive after all what had happened .
    Keep the spirit up ! :)