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Friday, January 24, 2014

im bottom but im not bottom? lol

so this conversation happen over whatsapp one afternoon with a friend from Maraysia..

him: few days ago, i pushed a guy to a wall, hold his waist and kissed HIM!!! so not botttttom!

me: errrr... i know you top(in real life i think he bottom) ma, long long time also i know liao one... lol... bottom also can do that one ma.. must be top only can do meh?!

what?? serious?!?!? .... lol... the guy is so like you, i should call him tuls version 2.0..


he diva style, tanned, very angmo speaking, english very booomz... i told him im bottom but he doesnt believe it after i did that...

-.- hahahaha.. like me ma, im only bottom in bed, real life i like to think that im the one who takes care of the other half..

but you got hiao bottom look...

what the fuck? got ahhhh?! how how how? what do you mean?

very fabulous, diva look..

hhahahahahah... lol...

really... like you will say it very mean like that, like talk to the hand!!! you born as diva *snap finger like diva*

omg, if i diva then bubu is what?

fyi, this is a friend of the bubu era..

erm.... but i dont feel power diva from him la...

OMG!! REALLLY??!?!?!


i think he act differently in different crowds ba.. when im comfortable with someone my true colours will appear one...

i seee.... ....you always fabulous and diva...


very style k!

anyways, i feel like there is always two side to a person, like when you meet someone new, you will put your best front to it and try to generate a good first impression and when you finally get to know that person well enough the true you will surface in a way?

well, some people we just tend to click straight away and no good first impression is needed?! lol

like when i was with bubu, he is usually the macho one around my friends and vice versa... and so because this friend is kinda considered "my" friend... and so i think thats how i appear more "comfortable" as how i would say around him... but eventually all my friends are his friends and vice versa, haha.. i wonder what does the friends whom we meet as a couple thinks about us.. lol.. that I AM CURIOUS! :) hahaha...

speaking of which, to think about it, it would have been our 4th year anniversary if we were still together :) come everybody, please go awwwwwwww... lol.. couples that we met that are still together till date that i can think of and hopefully still together i.e. Bear bunny, alex and rapunzel, i wish you guys all the happiness you can get from each other :) so envious la.... eeeee.... hahahahaha... it will be so different if i were to return to maraysia and meet up with friends in the bubu-and-i-era without him... like a part of the whole joy is missing.. haha.. maybe thats one of the reason why i dowana go back to maraysia... its like... ..... the feeling is gonna be so different...

i can imagine how bubu felt when he passed places that we used to go which is like the whole of PJ and KL... hm.... it must have been really really tough for him when we i first left overseas...

i still do think of you every now and then bu..

yes you will always be a part of me and so will keith..

i remember(i think i remember la k, i got amnesia one): letting go is not your strongest quality but ...(something something positive people say to make you feel better)....


im just happy and content to experience what i had... haha..

little tom tom... valentines day coming liao... what should i do what should i do?!?!? ARGHASHLAFHALKFALKHAKGAH;SLFJA;LJA


  1. Buy a sexy underwear to seduce him or wear nothing also okay..lol before that you can cook few dishes (show your cooking skills) and have candle light dinner ;)

    1. hahahaha.. i usually wear nothing one... hahahahaha.. so sexy underwear is kinda no effect liao one.. hahahaha.. hm maybe we should just stay in and i do all the cooooookings la.. then after that.. boomz.. hahahahaha

    2. didnt u always do that with lil' Tom every weekend? lol xP

  2. Haha your friend repeatedly emphasized that you're a DIVA!! *snap fingers*

    Totally agree with you on the being comfortable and showing your 'other' side part haha.... which reminds me that I recently met someone who didn't really bother to put their best front forward LOL and was completely comfortable being in their own skin.... in other words I didn't get a good first impression..... which annoyed me.... but then I'm not sure if that's a bad thing because that person was just being himself.....

    Anyway I always try to make good first impressions, even if it's not entirely being myself, but I think that is the courtesy to not be offensive.... Hence the goody two shoes image :P

    1. i also dont know why asyik mengedivakan me.. hahahaha.. im not that diva pun *flips hair*.. and yup yup i agree about the try to make good first impressions every time regardless.. :) ei your header i just realize you tip toe leh.. hahahahahaha... nak mengetallkan yourself is it? lol

  3. 'Awwwwwwwwwww.......'

    Diva? De de de de de diva! Lol. Do something exciting and enticing for valentines!

  4. why rapunzel? LOL!!

    And we're all inner divas no matter who we hang out with. Just the matter of the level with different crowds ;).

    1. hahahahaha... i need to think of an alias ma, dont know why rapunzel just came up, entah la i macam always associate him with rapunzel since when i first know him lor.. haha

  5. >.< thanks!

    well, like i said, i don mind meeting u guys together same time same place, not sure how this works though.... i am sure u guys are mature enuf to do tat... r ya?

    1. :)

      hahahahaha... bunny o bunny.. can de... i got a feeling i will hug him for a good 3 minutes and... ahah.. i dont know... i think i will cry.... so weird for a giant to cry.. lol

  6. Valentines day bla bla bla bla Drink.