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Sunday, January 5, 2014

What happen in 2013??

i just realize i made new years resolution for 2013 and posted in this blog twelve months ago, this is really embarrassing cos i have no recollection doing it..
anyway, the list is as follows:

1. Be grateful2. Graduate3. More thrifty in expenditures4. Don't take Keith for granted5. Take the initiative to keep in touch with Malaysia

apart from the 5th one, i think i did everything else... 

I did not really put much effort in maintaining contact with my homeland even though i have all the time in the world to do so. I neglected talking to my family and my friends. I mean, yup, they kinda understand the distance and the time difference and all but.. All i can think of is excuses. Maybe I'm blaming myself too much? ... i dont know.. well, sometimes i dont even remember that i need to keep in touch with them.. is that bad? :( well, maybe there are lots of other things that are occupying my mind right now(or then)..

on more petty resolution that was also listed are:

6. Do something about your body please, its lari-ing
7. Pakai parfum hari hari
8. Make sure bed room is tidy at all times!
9. Go on a well deserved vacation after graduation
10. Dont procrastinate too much
11. Dont masturbate too much
12. Try to be more open minded(very hard cos im very very very open liao)
13. Make a dance routine on Earthquake by Labyrinth! lol
14. Eat healthily
15. Manage time more efficiently 

number 8 is a disaster. really sorry Mister room. 10 and 11 unachievable. 13 failed. 15 could be better but overall I think 2013 is pretty good.

Summary of 2013 is as follow:

fell in love, had the scare of my life from Chlamydia, graduated, started working, broke up, went for crazy dating spree, found new love..

so yea, sounds simple and easy but no one knows what happens behind the scene..

looking back at the few post i had in the past year, one of them was titled: WHAT IF I BROKE UP WITH KEITH.. haha.... not to jinx it but its just hilarious to see post that are predictive that kinda happened too.. lol... but no one was prepared for it.. not even me...


but im glad it ended...

im glad we had closure...

im really glad that he is seeing someone else now and kinda used his experience with me to make things better with this new guy, the jealous me would be: oh, he wont be as good as ME, but the me that wants him to be happy is really happy for him right now although he is still not letting go of me just yet...

i mean...

its not easy....

its not easy for me too....

but it needs to be done...

Keith would be a sweet memory that I will cherish...

ive got my eyes on little Tom now, i just need to settle one more thing before I confess my feelings to him... 

wish me luck..


Happy New Year. I hope this year will be a good one for me!! 2+0+1+4 = 7

lucky number 7 no? lol

ps. thank you to those who were there supporting me all the way from all over the world throughout my years in the west: niey, soulchild, daddyO, littleprince, bear and bunny, KW, bubu, wyatt, dannythebigmouth, germsy, malimo, mascaraboy, sunflowergirl to name a few that i can think of :)


  1. U forgot about me!!! Doh!
    But unker here v forgiving one. Lol!
    Anyway, good luck to you in 2014!

    1. you are never forgotten la... :) im still grateful for the makan makan in sg! :)

  2. Replies
    1. happy new year whizwhiz! :) long time no see/talk/communicationz!! lol

    2. you lor... so busy... hahaha not really lar..... not really in good health last year mah ~.~

  3. Does he go with the surname "Daley"? Lol

    1. well, mine is cuter than him! :) hahahahahahahaha.. so i dont need a daley :)

  4. at least you made some resolutions... that's half the game. Hugs & all the best. When do we can a a peep of Tom?

    1. muacks! :) well, erm.. hahahaha.. wellll... very good question.... hm... for now private la... the day where we go public, will be the day i await too ,, ,lol siao arr me think until like that! hahahahahaha

  5. pakai parfum?

    really =__=

    and good luck too!

    1. gahahahahaha... ei got la... you know i damn gao vain one...

  6. Wah..you actually achieved a lot at least better than me xD All the best for this year!! Achieve more ;)

    1. hm... no more resolutions this year la...