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t u l s

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


so i was kinda busy with things lately..

- got my hospital attachments...

- got myself into pride! yea.. my first ever gay pride 2 weeks after reaching here and im loving it.. i even volunteered to help out the event and i was picked as a pride guide.. haha.. i know.. kinda cool.. and its also kinda awesome to be able to take part in the event and help out, contributing it back to the community..... ...which  is something impossible to do back home..

- sang my way thru a karaoke competition in an irish bar and won first prize! hahaha...

- went for my first football match...

- went for my first musical theater..

- went to the beach..

it was all free though.. freshers advantage.. i never wasted any money on alcohol but when i won the competition, free booze was thrown to my face like kegilaan and i got smua apa macam pun ada.. strongbow la, ham ka ling la, tequila la, vodka jelly wtf... its carling.. not ham kaling.. anyway it was fun and i really enjoyed myself..

thats the whole point isnt it..

to enjoy student life while you can..

till now sometimes i still cant believe im actually here..

well its not impossible, but its something rather unexpected..

and since im here, why not just enjoy it to the fullest kan? so till now im still not homesick at all, not missing anything just yet.. haha.. maybe later during winter la but... neh...

im a better cook than i used to be now... cooked for every meal ever since i came here.. such an auntie already.. comparing prices and all..

oh well.. till we meet again next time.. :)

a beach moment...

i miss you bubu...

wrote this when i was on the beach.. those footprints are mine.. haha.. i miss you..


  1. can i copy and paste ur blogpost to my blog? cause i feel the same oso! (the live it fullest, the not homesick and better cook part) XP

  2. just to let u know , nowadays i like guys with some fuzz , as in bearish , not fat , but meaty with some fur , i get such a hardon when i see DILFS and otters , so damn hot , u recommend me some otter bloggers i tell you , i want to do them !

  3. fuiyoh karaoke 1st place hahaha.. awesome lah!

    reminds me of the water bottle who sang California King Bed hahaha :P

    and I still miss not seeing regular updates on your blog.. the blogosphere just doesn't seem so happening without you! :/

  4. life will become better,enjoy..

  5. so totally!!! I was surprised that I actually cook fine... XD and you know I enjoyed cooking! it's the time of a day when I can forget about the hectic studies and enjoy food, just following my instinct. :)
    Yeap, i compared the price gile even toilet roll :P and my seniors said "aiya you're gonna stop doing that soon..."

  6. post your champion song here. i want to here you siniging

  7. @jason ~ by all means darling! muacks!

    @antonios ~ i know... ha....

    @ooi2009 ~ go find clayden, youve been eyeing him all summer!

    @j-boy ~ *blush*... thanks jboboy...

    @CX - thanks my queen...

    @wizard ~ i know! lol!! it has...

    @naughty prince ~ yup i will!

    @ninja ~ my comparing of price beginning to jatuh jor.. lol but i still frequent places that i think its cheaper.. lolol

    @brainy ~ will do it soon! muacks! hopefully its nice... wahahahaha