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Friday, February 17, 2012

sakit perut di saat genting!


i was like having this assignment shit in the hospital yesterday and the night before which was valentine's dinner i had like malaysian curry that i made myself like totally spicy and fragrant, nak jugak show off but i totally forgotten the side effects of eating curry and for me its like easy to poo poo...


this hospital briefing shit started around 9 am and i was like what the fcuk my tummy aching to the max!!!!!!

and i excuse myself during the freaking briefing and explode the dragon to the whirlpool and omg it felt so lega after that but fucking hungry and i dont get to eat till 1 so... tahan jer but that sohai explosion last for like 15 mins and everything was like ok in 30 mins but i missed the whole briefing and so i was so blur throughout the visit... the task if fail jor i will fail this whole year one... fuck.. but luckily everything went well la.. haha...


nevermind la... so... after that sohai thing we were supposed to be released at 1 but that sohai guy release us at 1.30 and i was fucking hungry jor.........

damn benci la...

had malaysian lunch though... bihun goreng ayam masak merah...

this cost 6 pounds 50 which is like RM32.50 :

 sirap bandung RM5.... cut throat or not?

anyway... and so i went back after that and freaking BT(internet service provider thing here) shit have got no line that whole night hence no blogpost!! CIBAIIIIIIII!!

im rushing assignments leh...

how wo....??

forever young and cute,


  1. Same lo.. No Internet, no blogpost.. Post from phone looks damn cacat.. Lol


  2. Hahaha, sakit perut meh? I got that after having sushi then cake at midnight last nite because it was dee's bday lo.

    No internet? wonder you two are sort of disappear from the universe

  3. Replies
    1. too lazy... outside cold and dark!! :)

  4. Hidup lebih ceria dengan Perap Cenderawaseh Rahsia kesihatan dan kecantikan serta kebaikan daripada alam semulajadi Malaysia dan ketikketok!