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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Young and Cute : Fashion

1. Colour

you dont need to follow seasons/trends/magazine fancy clothings... just because its winter you need to wear something dark and dead or fancy ? please... primary colour up!! young and cute dont succumb to season changes! seasons will succumb to his colour instead.. lol...

you dont really have to buy branded tees or shirts.. any brand would do but the colour is important.. the above are just examples of colours, i would totally go for yellow and red.. purple is awesome too but i cant do GREEN! green totally doesnt suit my skin :)

2. Know your colour!!

some people dont really know what colour suits them best, the next time you wear something ask opinions! :) i know most of you have that attitude like: i wear what i like la, i know i look nice then can la...

but its not always the case, sometimes you think it suits you but it really doesnt..

the first pic is 10 times nicer than the second one...

beige is totally NOT NICE at all! AVOIDDDDDDDDDDDD BEIGE!!!!!!!!!!

3. French Blue

the first one on the left, thats the kinda colour that wouldnt go outdated and wouldnt go wrong even if its to work! :)

4. Small eyes go for solids not checkered..

look so kampung right? my seulong is such a darling but seriously small eyes should avoid checkered..

if your eyes a bit bigger like shi won then can la.. :) hehe... but dont worry la... if youre really small eyed then wear something solid! :)


small eyes will never go wrong with solid colours! :)

 5. Matching

you dowana be colourful your whole body!!!

like the pic above, skip a body part! you can wear the top and your shoes with the same sorta shade of a colour and your pants any colour at all! jeans will never go wrong!! :) or you can wear a bracelet or watch that has a strap thats same as your pants? just skip a body part and make the other two similar can liao.. :)

6. Accessories to the minimum

a watch would be enough, bracelet if you dont have watch..

but i rather not wear anything.. haha.. plain and simply is the way to go!

7. Confidence

so what if youre 60? you can really still dress up young! you just need to pick out the right clothes!! as long as you fix your hair, clean shaved, pick out something simple, maybe a polo t, a grey trousers/pants(no skinny jeans haha..) and a pair of clean shoes, you wont be left behind! dont go watch all those tv series where the uncle in their oversize t unbuttoned loose pants and dirty shoes and think that that should be the way to dress.. lol... hahahaah...

you have to know what looks good on you and not what looks good in general! :)

forever young and cute,


  1. ish boringnyer ...asyik fashion je

    1. diam arr kau! nak sex tak? nak then diam diam! :)

  2. In my opinion, if you are cute and have a nice bod, pakai apa pun yummy.

    1. hahahaha.. very true wor!!! :) thanks!! *perasan mode*

  3. im black and white saje all the way saje..... super Chanel; chic and poise *_* hahahahahha :P

    1. we want Polo Ralph Lauren... color!!! color color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. same here..just wanna play safe..black/white never wrong anytime..hahaha ^^

    1. ish... tak de pattern langsung! ish ish.. lol.. change la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  5. my colors [top] are tiffany blue, white, orange, (some) stripes and (some) green. Red is always wrong on my skintone. But there's an option to go topless in [many] cases. Accessories: left bracelet right watch, and thin necklace [silver/white gold tone], yellow gold theme is always wrong for my accessories :( . Shoes apparently 17 pair of shoes is not enough to choose from but my primary color theme for shoes are white, cream, red, tiffany blue, green, and black.


    1. your blog is so famous for its pic thingy please give us an insight of your wardrobe ok i think you could come up with something cool!! hahahaha... and artistic too! ooooooooolala.. cant wait!! pretty preassssssseeeeeeeeeee!! :)