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Thursday, April 19, 2012

friends: when you are attached...

so, you have your set of friends and the person you are dating has his set of friends..

once you two are hooked together, you will tend to meet his and vice versa..

there are a few possibilities that what could happen next:

1. Your friend might not like your bf
for whatever reason la, maybe your friend jealous la.. or maybe your friend dont like certain qualities etc...

2. Your friend might be closer to your bf more than you
trust me, it happens.. like all the time!!!!!!! . well.. if youre the considerate bf, you would know where is the limit.. but oh well.. youre only human, sometimes you tend to like the attention that was given etc..

3. Your friend might be the third party
awkwardddddd!! this kinda bf/friend please throw into the drain!! wish them all the best? nah..... if got also tipu one la.. deep down sure curse die you... better off without them, can do to you once surely can do to you again de.. but sometimes human are just... well... we just like to make the same kinda mistake... lollllll...

4. Your friend might just be your friend
supporting you all the way, no matter how deep shit mother fucking screw up you are, he will still be there for you.. these kinda friend sudah pupus, if you found one please intro to me ok..



then there are those friends who you two as a couple made along the way... rule number 3 still apply.. lol..

but like what happens if you two were to break up?

well, your own set of friends(minus the one that likes your ex-bf more than you) will still be yours and vice versa..

but what about those you make as a couple?


what happen next?

it will be too awkward to hangout with anyone of the former couple cos they are so used to the couple being together..


what if one party got someone else? the friends will tend to stick to the one thats single and try comforting him etc etc..

oh well..

im not sure whats the point of writing this blog post.. haha..

the feeling of the moment..

maybe i feel like ive avoided and abandoned a lot of friends intentional or unintentionally..

some are so used to the fact that bubu and i are a couple that they cant accept the fact that we are not anymore..

some i just dont know what to talk to them about..

some... are like just not right talking to them without bubu around..

maybe cos of the distance also la..


blame it all on distance..

well, i always believe that friendship doesnt freeze in winter, if its true, after x-years of not meeting you still can talk like theres no tomorrow means thats a boomz friend! :)

oh well..


back to studies ok tulsie!!



  1. huh, cuz i thought since both of you still get along, i wont feel awkward seeing you guys. Am i suppose to feel awkward?



    I will try my best to feel awkward when i see both of you =D

    1. ? ? Wud? = =
      I don't even know what are you trying to covey. -_-

    2. lol... dont be such a byotch!! hahahahaha... i'll slap you personally! lollllllllllll....

      we are still boomz la...

  2. #4 pupus ard meh??cant say anything since i never been into one...i'll let u know after i try XP

    1. maybe like 0.1% in the worlds population la... hahahaha

  3. Just like every relationship, in a breakup there are casualties. Friends are some of them :(

    1. can it be considered as collateral damage?

    2. savante ~ yalor...

      jboy ~ i think can ba...

  4. my heart is stolen , do u have it ?

    1. yup!! i kept it in a safe!! but i threw the key into the sea... lolllllllll

  5. Friends come and went, but some stay for the longest time~ good luck in your encounter =)

    1. heya jokerPJ.. newbie? i realize we age the same!! so high 5 la!! will promo your blog sikit!! hehe