t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

interview appointment...

haha... so awesome la after birmingham jer dapat jugak call up for a job interview for this summer!

at least something good today! haha...

if this is successful then the probability for me getting a job next year after graduation would be higher! haha..

just hope this interview that will be happening on the 27th will be boomz la then i will be damn damn happy liao.. haha...

if the interview is not successful then i will most likely be going to europe for a getaway then come back and attend jason's graduation...

if the interview is successful... then... haha... yup...

anyway.. this is just a quick update you bloggie! muacks! :)


  1. 祝你好运! Ahem... (clears throat) I mean Koot Lark!

  2. Wooi! Awak barang baik ma! Mana boleh reject

  3. Must muaks me in real
    Life kay!!
    Make it a wet one on my cheek

    1. errrrrrrrrrr... ok la since i so happy... hahahahahaha