t u l s

t u l s

Monday, April 16, 2012

stay loud and proud!!

knock knock...

so i went and open the door! :)

and there it was, a parcel for me flew all the way from tanah melayu...

the sender was from DANNY : THE BIG MOUTH and i was like BOOMZ!! this is tulsome(tuls+awesome)!!!

sekali buka the first thing i saw was a small note: stay loud and proud!


and the second notes was: BOOMZZZ! :)


this was what i won from the Vogiu competition!!

thanks so much big mouth Danny!!

now i can listen to my porn with no distraction! lol and make notes of law and ethics in that timing bomk(book + bomb).. lolllllll

ok la my day secara rasminyer sudah boomz!! hahaah...

continue revising tuls continue!!! :)

DTBM is boomz cos he made another lonely soul happy when all else fail.. this slogan can win next year's competition right? lolllllllllllllll



  1. syukur alhamdullilah ..dah sampai akhir nya..
    tot my parcel day MIA entah kat mane..
    glad u like it ..
    all the best for your coming exams..

    and no.. no more slogan for next year.. but u might just earned urself a xmas gift :)

    * tangan yang memberi, lebih baik dari yang menerima.. :)

    1. Though didn't win, am so proud of you.

      And Danny, you captured tuls' essence real well. "Stay loud and proud" & "Boomz".


    2. cos his essence is kinda u know.. quite obvious..haha

    3. lol... thanks again dannyelle tchaikovsky! that will be your alter ego name thingy..

  2. Awww Danny is so sweet for sending it over! :)

    Ohhhh and another way of saying (book + bomb) is boob.
    Write all over your boob HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :P

    1. my boob is still a virgin, will lose her virginity when the new sem starts next summer!! :)