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Saturday, April 7, 2012


do you think humans are selfish?

i think that humans are super selfish... for example, me..

questions i quite often get since now summer is around the corner would be: are you going back to malaysia?

and when i say NO, they look at me like one kind and then... what are you gonna do then?

from the start when i got here i told myself, ok, tuls, dont simply waste money arr..

so that was the initial plan, not to waste money, going back to malaysia = waste money, so i thought of trying to get a summer job here.. which hopefully i get something thats related to my course, the interview end of this month is crucial!!!!

if lets say i can secure this job, then the chances of getting a job after i graduate will be like 100% higher.. and hopefully immigration wont be so strict with their regulations and all la..

haha since young i have this thought of like: yes tuls, you have to get away from malaysia and dont come back, die die also dont come back..

haha.... seems like im still working towards that..

as much as i miss bubu and my family.. this embedded thought is actually quite deep and disturbing cos i actually realize it but yet do nothing about it...

the only way for me to get back to malaysia is when i really cannot stay here at all..


conclusion = selfish...

selfish in the sense that i put career over family...

well, i thought of bringing my mum over if i settle down here and everything(good boy konon).. haha...

selfish in the sense that as much as im not together with bubu anymore and yet i still(in my mind) hope that he doesnt end up with anyone else hoping that I could get back together with him IF(so selfish) i cant stay here in the UK...

they say sometimes all we need is fate...

but sometimes if we dont create the fate, the fate wont come...

but like my case, its kinda like i dont even wanna try...

its not complicated..

its just selfish..

tuls ah tuls...

you cant have everything...


ok dont think so much for now... back to revision...


  1. u dont even wanna try????i dont see like that lo..u try to apply for job, u try to give ur best during the interview end of this month..so u are trying :)

  2. I have to disagree with you, it's not selfish

    I call it re organize your priority right
    I didn't go back on my first three years
    Do I miss my family ? Yes
    Is it sensible to waste the money? No
    Because there's alternative like phone call
    Deep in your heart you know (and they know) that you miss them

    No, it's not selfish
    Selfish would be : bubu, I'm breaking up with you because there's someone hotter than you right now despite the fact that you're beside me. That's selfish, which you don't do that as well.

  3. You do whatever is right for the moment.

  4. the only thing im selfish for is ur love

    1. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      how come ur profile pic like someone tengah kangkang macam nak disco dan berseks ! and u look so tan ,not like a chinese ....and ur friends list say so much abt u , that ur such a nice person . honestly , ur the last person i will call racist ........

      but anyway u can be quite hot also har ...esp with short spiky hair ...but i still only gersang with dancer laaa .....thats why i teramat suka u , coz ur so niceeeeeeeeee///..im smitten with ur attitude

  5. go. go and get every opportunity that you can have over there. i did not really try to grab every opportunity that was in front of me before when i was in aussie because of my insecurity and i regret every bit of it. yes life's been good right now, but i wonder what would happen if i take the other road..

  6. Sometimes I think it's alright to be selfish... because you need to look out for yourself too right? No one is going to cover your neck better than you.

    I think when we are still young we should try to make the most of opportunities.. since we don't have family (eg. wife or kids), so we can focus on ourselves for now. As for parents, I think they already have that expectation of their children growing up and carving their own path in live... it's just something that parents have to deal with, letting go.
    Imagine if you have kids, in the future when they grow up and wanna go far far away and do great things, you as their dad would want what's best for them right? :)

    1. I wonder ah, how can we have wife, kids can always adopt la, or even surrogate at enormous cost

  7. selfish or not, i support~

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  8. what a typical cina celup trying so bad to impress others . disgusting

  9. cepatlahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh updattttttttttte