t u l s

t u l s

Monday, September 3, 2012

im free...

free in the sense that i have got three weeks to spare before uni starts again..

summer placements finally ended! wohooooooooo!!

im going to the pantai tomorrow!!

the pantun on the previous post was written within 5 minutes.. haha.. out of randomness after talking to bubu..

our lives are so different now.. the friends we mix around and etc..

to be honest, i feel like so kekurangan kawan yang boleh bercakap tentang gay stuffs here in UK..

back home i can turn to any corner and there will be someone.. here i have to jaga and like think before doing something..

ive bought a bus pass to work before this.. it expires next monday i think.. so im gonna fully utilize it to explore the my own city... haha..

i slept for 10 hours the day before and 9 hours yesterday...

so much for collecting my sleep debt, but i dont think it will ever pay off fully..


i wanna go for a break....

anyone in UK wanna go hang kai with me? or let me crash their place(thick skin)? pm me thanks...

i shall post pics of the places i go to in the upcoming posts... muacks...



  1. After work, comes the play!!

    My favourite part of life hahaha :P

  2. all work and no play makes everybody .... err i forgot the ending ady..

  3. guess who's coming back???? :D

  4. does hang kai mean fuck ? and , dancer is no more urs , stay away from him ok ? he and i are lovers

    1. dancerboy is with someone else liao :) im really happy for him..