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t u l s

Thursday, September 20, 2012



it could be your best friend and also your worst enemy..

some people have lots of it,  they are born with it, inherited it, or given by their parents..

spend them like water, yet never seems to run out..

some people have just enough to live, fulfilling the daily needs and splurge on their desire once awhile, content with what they have..

some just dont have any...

when they want some, who can they go to?

the rich ones will think you are tryin to take advantage of them, they scare you wont pay them back, and so they will avoid you..

those who have just enough cant really help you cos if they do, they will be in deep shit themselves..

so what can you do?

yup, you can earn for it, be it a long period where you suffer first and enjoy the reward later..

but what if its emergency?

they say close friends would understand and help you whenever they could..

i don think anyone would be in any right mind to think of burdening their friends or just to think or borrowing money from your friends makes you feel ashame, no?

i would..

asking for money from someone is sometimes worse than .....  .... i feel so shameless..


i'll just defer my studies for a year and see how things goes after that la..

no point regretting..

im so far away from home and so near from graduating..

really mood spoiler la..

obstacles one after another..

well, this is a good one... haha.. hopefully optimism could help a lil la....