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Thursday, February 28, 2013

a good thing about being malaysian chinese..

today i had a placement in Middlebrough.. was at a midwifery clinic and had this China chinese that is 6 months pregnant.. she came in for her routinal monthly checkup and cos her england wasnt so power, i kinda assist the consultation process..

i was quite happy that i could help her understand stuffs that she might not get if there wasnt any translator around.. satisfaction at its best.


so this conversation took place after that..

so where are you from?

oh, im from Malaysia..

oh really?


hm.. do you know is there any Malaysian chinese nannies around?

well, not that i know of...... ....why?

well, cos im due soon and i thought of getting a malaysian nanny to help me out.. you know la, malaysian can speak good english and mandarin.. it would be easier for me when i go for checks for me and the baby, at least someone could be there to translate and explain things to me..


well, i need to go now... thanks so much anyway for just now...

no bother, you take care ok, and congratulations.. :)


well, the only thing good being malaysian is that you are exposed to a few language when youre younger, i mean like me i was brought up spiaking england at home, mum would shoot me in cantonese and like cantonese would be an automatic "mother" language kinda thing although non of my parent's are descended from that area thingy.. went to a chinese elementary school and national secondary school so practically i know 4 languages both spoken and written :) quite chun kan i know i know... *comb hair to the left using index finger with middle finger placed 90degrees from it stroking through the hairline*

a certified translator could easily earn RM200-500 here..

oh well... wth... maybe i should change my job becoming translator kan..

why didnt i think of this before?! omgosh... hahahahaha.. maybe it would be something to fall back on if the course that im doing has got no career advancement capacity! lol..

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