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t u l s

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

i was excited for 10 seconds..

the notification on my phone states that ive got unread emails and so i clicked on it and when it appears i couldnt believe my eyes, i was like reading the name of the sender out loud and reassuring what im saying and seeing is really true!

haha.. without opening the email i knew it was legit and i was literally out of words/breath/thought for a few moments and then.. i smiled...

i took a deep breath and i continue smiling..

the excitement wasnt there anymore! i felt contented. i feel like tearing. i felt blessed.

im still smiling like.

the past 2 months was really an adventure for me. it was like taking the road that was not taken, not knowing what awaits you the next turn or the other side of the hill..

lots of emotional cards being played on grounds that were never existed..

i have accepted a few terms in life that i once was strongly against..

i view life and the world in a different perspective a couple of times, all different angle , telling me, showing me a whole new paradigmthingymagic..

im not good in bombastic words and i will feel awkward using one! lol...


its a good change,..

something after awhile, if we are caught unaware, everything change back to the way it use to, sometimes it does, sometime it doesnt...

anyhow, i think as long as at the moment of time, you,ve fully enjoyed yourself, given your all, everything else doesnt really matter...

i think im getting old...

this is so not me writing this kinda thing... -.-

urgh... must be the cold! spring my ass, fucking 2 degrees!

ok tulsie, you have to focus back on your studies, your exams is in a few weeks and you have lots to cover!!


  1. just 10 seconds? u sure ar? LOL

    must be someone that made such a huge impact in ur life before. but yeah, u have grown up as compared to when we first started bitch to each other XD LOL

    1. -.-

      im growing everyday ok! i want my down there to grow, but macam tak jadi jadi pun... ish

  2. Replies
    1. luckily still a boy! :) i will never wanna be a man!! :) thanks you one! :)

  3. what are the few terms u finally accepted?? :D! Eating see-taw-bell-leh is one of them mou jek? *_*

    1. hhahahaha... strawberries! i only eat the sweet ones! if not, it must involve some pavlova or something sweet to go with.. :)lol

      well, the terms.. lets just keep it to myself, not everyone can accept this kinda thing, somehow incestious in a way... feels that way but it isnt.. haha.. whatever la, its no biggie! :) i miss you alex!

  4. So, what did the email reads ?

    1. well, can you imagine what if Ellen Degeneres writes to you, or Michael Jackson, you know, some celebrity! omgucci!!!

    2. Haha this post is so cryptic lah!!

      Say a bit only which is just enough to induce our curiosity....

      A celebrity wrote to you ke? :P