t u l s

t u l s

Thursday, April 18, 2013

i did something nasty!!! hahahahaha....

its not my fault ok!

i feel so bitchy suddenly..

ok, so three weeks ago i ordered face wash and moisturizer from ebay. Usually I get it from the supermarket one but mana tau that bitch doesnt carry that brand anymore.. so the benci me have to source for online stuff lor.. and so i bought the stuffs and it say that it will arrive maximum 5 working days cos within UK ma.. so ok lor... i mai wait lor...

waited for 10 working days, i cannot tahan liao, i wrote a complain letter to ebay and the seller and he terus apologize and refunded me..

i was pissed for 2 seconds la then i ok edi... so anyway, that night itself i went and cari some other seller lor and then bought liao, this time got some promo so i bought more la.. anyway... paid liao... the next morning the face wash came without the moisturizer from the previous seller..


i just diam nia...

im not gonna email that fella edi..

i iz bengang...

i iz bad boy wor........ how?!! should i email that fella arr? sent it back to him need postage lagi.. or should i leave it neh...

btw my letter from malaysia tak sampai2 even after 1 month edi.... :( poor me...


  1. Lol!! Email! Write an angry letter! hahaha
    Apa brand ni?

    1. Dear Mister Barangtakdatang...

      I am a tall hot yellow man.... etc.. lol

      I use simple nia.. lol

  2. No need to write any letter. Go find Keith, he will make you less angry.


    1. im over at his place most of the time edi... haih... hahahahahahah...

  3. Theft: "dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it".

    Enjoy the free gift :D

    evil Jason making tuls feels guilty haahahahahahaha XD

    1. :)


      my exams ending soon omgosh lets go out for makan or something la! :)

  4. Just realized u left a comment in my blog n just realized so much going on since we last chatted.. Haha.. Glad things are going well there ;)