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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Daddy...

no im not talking about Keith...


ive got a new daddy...

well, he is not like a daddy daddy kinda daddy... erm.. he is a real daddy with a wife and a lil princess..

and the weird thing is he lives in the US and he reads my blog -.-

see i know this daddy thru his "brother", Niey that is also from the US... and Niey has two other siblings, Sunflower and Mascara that are pumped crazy and boomz!!

the thing about this daddy is that he is really annoying, but his annoyingness is not optimum, sometimes the level is really just CMI but he thinks he is greatly annoying and his goal is to annoy me but he fail lesmiserably... and yesterday he was like: i kept refreshing your blog, why didnt you update? 

i was like -.- i have fucking exams next week la... i really cant wait to finish uni life, like in 2 more weeks, everything is gonna end.. .....*deep breath*..... hopefully it ends la... dowana fail anything...

so thats it, ive got a new extra-terrestial(however you spell it) family over the other side of the world! lol.. US is nearer to me than Msia now i think.. hahahahah... more on new family will come later la..

the stressing moment is here!! to all who has got final exams, all the best ok!! :)


oh yea, i shall name this Daddy, O' Connor! :) so, Daddy O', i did update this blog ok! and i iz a good boy lol... you work hard and sleep well old man.. haha.. :p

i love you Niey, good night.

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  1. hahaha, I want a daddy too. Be my daddy tuls =P