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t u l s

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

housewife to be...

like seriously..

im only here for a few days and i feel like im Maria...

people who called Maria are so kesian, always kena associated with maids..


i do the dishes, the dishes and the dishes..

i walk to town to get groceries , no trolley have carry 10kilos of grocery back at least twice a week..

cannot use car cos the husband say: you need some fresh air...


ok fine..

at least got exercise a bit la..

have to think what to cook everyday cos ideas running out, all my cards that i have for cooking sudah keluar, so now i have to recycle my cards and add a bit of things yang lain to make the dish special.. -.-

but luckily he is not a fussy shit, he eats everything except for tomato! :) muahahahahhaa...

one day i made tomato soup, i just finish the whole 2 litre pot by myself in one day! :) my favourite!!

this ang mo lang quite funny one, i feel like jumping off the building yesterday when i was clearing the kitchen cabinet.. cos..

i found loads of "food" that were supposed to be expired years ago..

one dated 2006..

i give up...

me: dear dear, can i ask you something?

yea honey?

permission to throw anything thats expired in the kitchen! PLEASE!!!!!

O.O      ok......

seriously!!! carbonara sauce thats opened, expired 2010... -.- seriously!!


-.- opened packet of sphaghetti, expired 2006...

well, its dry!!!


can i throw please!! im asking you permission cos its your stuff! i dowana be the bossy boyfriend who throws stuffs away you know!!


am i bossy?

errr... yea....... ..............but but.. ...in a good way..

hehehe... glad you know.. im only doing it for your own good and for the tidiness of my kitchen! muahahahahahahaha


throw the rubbish for me now!!!!!!

but,... its been a long week for me! (he got a whole week off this week)

long week my ass, i have to cook for you day anOK OK... i'll go... d night... goooood boy! :) 

geeez, youre mean...


youre so cruel to me... :)



  1. But am sure he compensate with being very helpful in bed. Right ?

    1. -.-

      urgh.. where can like that balance one!! loll

      maybe can la.. hahahahahahaha

  2. Awwwww the domestic life! Sounds so blissful :3 :3

    I'm picturing it with Joe *cough cough* OK... I know that's mental....... As the Cantonese saying goes 'Xup Wak Tak Mei You Yat Pit'.. I have my work cut out for me!! :P

    1. still in my first year ma, see la after a year still got like that or not, if got means hehehe...

      and your cantonese quite chun, cos i will never use that although i heard of it before.. i iz noob.. and its ok to dream, nothing mental! :) i do it all the time! shhhhhhhhh! lol

  3. Awww, husband and wife. sweet gila

    1. he can use fake cry one... see this kind of people so jin kak! urgh!!!

  4. How romantika kan..hahaha.. Maria Maria (Please sing it like Santana did..lol)

    1. santana play guitar nia.. some other guy sang that part.. :) but i know.. and i love that song! :) mama chola mama chola!

  5. I wonder why, Ave Maria keep playing in my mind, wedding maybe... lol~

    Why lah cannot use car de, drag him to the market and ask him help you carry, then he might think otherwise liao, let him know that its not easy to buy, clean, pack, store then cook then wash afterwards de loo... *and I am picturing myself telling you this over afternoon tea*other topics might include frustrating sex life and the new neighbor that just move in and oh, that cute husband*

    1. So like scenes from Desperate House-husbands... @•@

    2. @JPJ - he walks with me to market one -.- but usually i wont let him take the stuffs.. haha.. i very high society rich tai tai punye spoilt brat bitch one leh, you can handle me or not? lol... will hit you up if i ever to come back to msia la, hahahaha.. but for now i dont see it in my crystal ball anytime soon! lol...

      @DCG - i wanna be bree!! :) hahahahaha.. but i aint no ginger!! dumb black is in the house!! muahahahahahahaha