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t u l s

Thursday, April 4, 2013

kutuk my car!! niama!!

its a lovely day today and we drove to town to get me some groceries, not because i asks to, its because it was on the way -.- .. and then we went to get some tiles from some warehouse along the coast road in Newcastle cos mr Engineer here wants to retile the whole bathroom!! *claps* -.-

anyway so as we were on the way there we saw lots of mercedez along the way and he was like

wow, look at all the mercedez...

eww... such a nice car but they have that big butt behind, such a turn off!

well, i like them! cos you could have more space for anything you know.. dont you like estates?

........err.. so bulky... yala, i know you get to put more things la but....

la... -.- what car do you drive back home?.........

ferrari? -.-

bentley? -.-





what so funny?

can it run? -.- MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

ok, let go, no touching my hands for the rest of the journey!!

aww, man, youre cruel!! come on man!! :)

and i pushed his hands away and he kept coming back but i am bengang!! although proton cars are laoya but i drove that for four fucking years before coming here so i iz bengang him!!

and he keep trying to make me laugh, i did laugh in the end but still i didnt touch his hands the whole journey! that would teach him not to make fun my proton!!

ish!! i damn benci him!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeee


  1. Hahaha..I.have driven many cars..noob or dumb person like me feel almost the same..lol

    1. -.-

      what is you trying to say!! youre on his side!!?!! lolllll

  2. Proton is pretty good these days..what's the difference with perodua right?
    Don't so marah ya...faster go hold his hands..hehe

    1. canot tahan la he, after masuk rumah we terus (%&^(*$&$%^%#^%%&^$ edi.. lol

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    1. kan kan?!! :) lol... for the first time... hahahahha

  4. Replies
    1. he is going down!!!! urghhhhhhh!!!