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Sunday, March 30, 2014

am i like TULS real life?

dont get me wrong, most of the things i write here is true..

maybe the only difference would be ... er... well, people say my voice doesnt match my face all the time, im portrayed as very childish character and that doesnt really reflect me in person.. when people get to know my profession they go:

really? you dont look that at all...

er... then what do you think i do?

well, law or something....er......i mean since you talk so much... hahahahahahah LOLLLL

its really hard to pen down emotions and facial expressions and body languages... so sometimes what you see is what you get and perceiving my writing through this blog only gives out the childish vibe.. hahaha.. well most of the time i guess, and from feedbacks i get from readers..

i mean, first of all i hate to read, like seriously, i never read in my life.. like ive never read a whole book before,  the only thing i do read are medical journals and gossip mags(rarely).. hahahaha...

i mean i think that explains my grammar, my grammar suck big time and not to mention my vocab is limited, sometimes i really do envy people with bombastic vocab, some people think that makes them se?xy but to me if that person uses too much then its very turn off one, i mean conversation wise la, if its in writing i think the more you write it shows your knowledge and proficiency in the language lor and i think its quite hot la => bedtimestoriesSAVANTE im talking bout you!! lol

i like how lucifer writes his stories at times too but too bad he stopped writing for over 2 years now... i wonder why... work ba? being a doctor is not easy huh.... those who knows lucifer will be like: OMG LUCIFER TULS is exposing your profession in his blog!!! well, no, its in his profile and his intro anyway so im not exposing anything and moreover there are so many gay doctors anyway!!! lol.. and talking about lucifer.... aww.. he is so cute, i miss him so much!!!!! haha...

anyway... was talking to a reader one day and...

me: hey, so what do you usually wear to work anyway?(my intention was to ask what kind of clothes)

a reader: err, im not as atas as you la... i dont wear branded one...

err....... huh? why do you even think that?

from your blog lo...

from my blog can know meh?

got that feel lor...

hahahahahaha... like that also can... i can honestly tell everyone here that the TULS in person is definitely at least 50%* different from what you think I AM in real life! lol... so dont put your hopes too high if you are meeting me.. well, ive met 4 readers in the UK so far and all of them(im not sure whether they are disappointed or not but so far macam ok la) say the same thing, im tamer in real life, laugh a lot, down to earth(yay) and very nice to talk to! :)  .. 1 more next week, so mister reader, please be prepared.. haha..



*terms and condition apply, percentage may vary depending on geographical factors

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  1. i thinkthe only time u gona stop talking when something in ur mouth only xP LOL

    come back quick dear. miss u wor