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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear tuls,...

Dear tuls,

How are you? I write to seek your advice in how you survive in this industry in UK? I have been using the app to search for friends and all, but most of the time, I ended up getting rejected. Is it because I am an Asian? I am a Chinese by the way. Any kind words? :(

Thank you,


i wrote an essay in reply to his question, haha, not sure whether was he shocked or not but basically the following are kinda the points I covered:

1. There are 3 types of white guys around here
- asian lovers
- asian haters
- neutral

there arent much rice queens in UK, well, at least not that i know of.. ive known people who likes asians as they grow older.. haha.. not to generalize but lots of asian lovers are old men... lol.. i dont know how the age and race kinda have a relation in a way but thats just my observation ba..

lets put asian lovers age below 30 : above 30 approximately 1 : 7 ish i guess. hahahaa.. thats my assumption.. im not gonna elaborate further but yea...

2. I touched on the APP

when he say App i assume he means Grindr Jackd Hornet Scruff BoyAHoy etc and it all boils down to one word! SEX! hahahahaha

well dont get me wrong, i met my bubu from Axcest, a gay "dating" website thing with no deep description of each other but just enough for us to meet up and the rest was history.. i mean the possibilty is there but to find someone who doesnt want to get into your pant whether the front or back is kinda difficult.. haha.. at least not on those apps..

when he said getting rejected, i kinda asked him in what sense, later that he said that rejected before even meeting up or something, i mean there you go, prove my point, personal preference, some people just dont really like asians, not for sex, not for friends, nothing! i mean if you have to work with one then that one you cant really do much but some people just dont really like us? lol hahahahaha....

in the end i think i kinda just told him to go slow and dont rush into things...

got no friends then make blogger friends lor.. go contact all the BLOGGGERS in the world.. im sure they will be glad to make a new friend! haha.. unless the quota sudah FULLLLLL! lol..

its nice to know that there are readers in the UK that came from home.. haha.. it make you feel like the world is so small kinda thing! :)

this is my second dear tuls.. so cool la... i want lots and lots of dear tuls!! lalalalala....

im having an exam this thursday! everyone pray for me to pass k.. any God also can... i dont mind one.. hahahahahaha...



  1. Can switch job to gay consultant now. XD

  2. Dear tuls,

    I've been feeling disoriented lately. No idea why.
    I a lot the sohai. siao liao. but hor the sien always comes in when the niama goes missing.
    please advice. muscle