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Friday, March 28, 2014

Dear tuls, do bloggers have sex with each other?

and so i receive a question from a reader, well, naively i assume...

Do bloggers sleep with each other?

all i can say is NO?

im saying NO because i assume no? or maybe I'm jealous that I wasnt invited for a blogger orgy? lol..

jokes aside, bloggers are humans too, and most bloggers know each other anyway and they hang out sometimes as friends, have a meal, have a drink, go clubs and stuffs... if they click well, they might get together, i know a few blogger couples that got together through blogs..

what they decide to do(sex or not) is solely up to them, as far as I know, well my circle of blogger friends, THEY DONT SLEEP TOGETHER ! lol

so what if they do? hahahaha... who cares?

those who do care are the ones that are jealous!!

when i was with bubu, we met quite a lot of bloggers as a couple and we DID NOT have sex with any of them lol... well, there is nothing to prove, i dont even know why am I saying this... hhahaha...

i think im the hottest blogger around *fliphair* and so if im not getting laid with other bloggers i assume they dont too? lol... joking joking... hahahahaha... there was a saying that bloggers are people who are weird and have got no life, well im a living proof of the opposite! Im Hot, Awesome and Full of Drama.. with no sex... lol..

bloggers are the best people you want/can meet in life! I'm gonna head down to London for a week next week. If anyone wants to have a meet and greet with the famous legendary superawesomeperasan tuls, just email us and I'll get back to you in a jiffy!!

oh btw, bloggers that i think(some i dont even know them or meet them but just a fantasy about them) is hot are.... in no particular order:

1. Alex the gay
2. bubu
3. V underhisbed
4. Simonlover
5. Adlexus
6. Chineseprick
7. ChenXing
8. Mark for travis's eyes
9. Malimo
10. me

bloggers that i think is cute are:

1. shadowjung
2. bunny clean shaved lol
3. bear clean shaved lol
4. untoldstories
5. K
6. kiddystick
7. jboy
8. me

hahahaha,, i put me in both list for fun.. hahahahaha.. that show how full of shit i am about myself.. hahahaha... those who didnt make the list dont worry ok, this list is subjective and bias anyway.. its a in my opinion kinda list so anyway.. 

gooooood nights peeeeps!!

and we dont have sex with each other!!!

those who laugh and think otherwise please email me !!! tell me all the juicy interblogger sexscandal please!!!! thanks!!!!!


  1. It would happen if the bloggers were dating

  2. Did a fan of yours ask you this? Lol. It's kinda funny honestly but bloggers do have a life out there as well. #justsaying.. tak sangka tuls comel huh? LOL

    1. yes, a reader did. fan? i dont know whether consider fan or not.. lol... tak sangka i comel? -.- this one no need to sangka one.. terus also know liao! lol...

  3. Why am I not in the list??!!!!! *rage bitch mode on* LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    anyway someone either gonna get jealous or happy bcos of the list =P hehe

    1. you need to line up first ok... lol...

      WHO THE UFCK is the SOMEONE?!!??! trelllll me!!!

  4. I'm not in the list too!! Hahaha...*perasan*

    1. hahahahaha.. i dont think ive seen you before... so i cant really feel your sexyness! lol

  5. hahaha well I haven't had sex with any other bloggers too despite my loose habits LOL...

    It's just weird, like having sex with a sibling, especially if you have met them in person.... it's kinda like bloggers get instantly friend-zoned for me... Just wouldn't feel appropriate :P

    1. hahahahahahah.... i know... but... well, its different la, it doesnt work that way for me, for me, sometimes through the blog you can really know that someone providing that what they write is really true la :) ahahahaha... ive had a few things for some bloggers before and im proud to admit it.. i mean, just from writing.. hahahahahahha so yea lor...

  6. Wow I feel so honoured... Thank you MR famous legendary superawesomeperasan

    1. hahahahahah LOL, im not famous nor legendary.. im just a normal homo....

  7. <3 <3 <3 <3 im so flatteredddddd