t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the chef wants to retire....

serious shit its so cold the motivation to cook decreased by 80%..

firstly the water is like 5 degrees or something..

the kitchen is the only part that is no carpeted so the coldness is amplified there..

there are so many piping at the back of the basin and shit and some of them got holes for the cold wind outside to come in...

its just so arghhhhhhhhhh...

my vege inside the fridge dono can survive or not..

dint cook them for so long liao i think later they die off lembik then have to throw...

im surviving on bread with peanut butter chocolate orange marmalade spread...

things that i hate most is all i have now that is convenient to eat...

oh well..

the snow is not here yet but the wind is 50kph...

fuck... when are you coming jek?!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The cold makes everyone lazy.. haha, You really looking forward to snow huh? XD

  2. wear a slippers in the kitchen then

  3. such a messy weather, no snow yet up in north, and still cold down here in south. Stock some cup noodle, it may help, hahaha...

  4. btw , why u like to sing to kaylex in his blog , like so , whateva.....such a bitch kan

  5. sorry i meant ur bitchy singing there

  6. @CK ~ first time ma... one day snow pun cukup... tak yah banyak... lol

    @chris C ~ hahahaha.. i memang pakai slippers kat rumah... lol...

    @malimo ~ yawor... my mum sent me stocks from KL!! wohooooooooo!! sampai semalam!!

    @ooi2009 ~ whatever... blek..