t u l s

t u l s

Saturday, December 17, 2011

tik tok tik tok salji dah turun.... lol

haha.. the snow fall for the first time in fronna me marks the start of term break and winter vacation!!

i was so so so excited cos my kawan called me up around 9 to tell me it was snowing.. i was so blur but i still manage to jump up and look out.. wah... damn nice...

it somehow gave me hope... dono la but tibe tibe i feel very surreal... like wah... snow leh...

i then quickly scream from my room to wake all my kawan up... lol

we ran out of house to feel snow in our face...

all the ang mohs i think surely think we all siao kia one... lol


so nice..

when it got heavier, one friend and i try to snowball each other..

wah seh the salji was so solid it hurts to the max wtf....

haha... it was fun la...

this was the after fight effect lol...

im waiting for my first ever white xmas..

it will be in the heart of London with a few close friends.. :)


haha.. tibe tibe so emotional...

cant wait for it!! wohoooooooooooooo!!

dear blog, will abandon upi kejap cos nak tour around UK skit... :)

PS: happy birthday Jasonisahe, sorry for not knowing your birthday, hm... i damn terasa reading the post in vincent's blog... lol...as if we are damn close like that.. i know.. i damn perasan.. hahahaa.. anyway see you soon ok!!! have fun in Europe!!! :) wait.. or are you back already!??!??! lollll


  1. haha, wish you have an awesome white Christmas!!! Have fun around Uk ah!! XDD

    P.s. I screamed like a little girl when it snowed last time.. haha!! Weird stares achieved.. XP

  2. tsk tsk tsk...

    have a great one down south~

  3. lets roll in the salji together

  4. 'Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow' ;)

    Woohoo White Christmas for you haha... Me so jealous :P

  5. Have FUN ! :) Merry Christmas :D <3

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  7. I'm back~~~ <3 is ok la, wat I meant is those who knows abt my bday but forgot abt it... I never told u abt my bday so not counted... Hhahhahaa xD

    C u real soon~

  8. so nice... got snow...
    i want to see snow...