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t u l s

Friday, December 2, 2011

make me fall please...

its gonna snow soon liao.. two days in a row the path i walk to school membeku-s already and its so slippery i can ski!! lol

i cant wait! hahahaha...

i feel so jakun but whatever la! wohooooooooo!! disney on ice my ass! i wanna try to jatuh and see how one day! kihihihi...

siao me..

all this kecik kecik things happen amuse me so much like so kefunny-ian to think of it... like im so childish like that!! lol...

i want snow snow snow! lalalalala...

ok la.. my mood better jor entah kenapa...

tonight im gonna cook for 8 orang! im making 2 pots of different curry! haha.. cant wait!!


  1. What course you taking ? Culinary arts or Pharmacy ?

  2. wait till it snows, and the snow solidifies and became ice, that is when people then to slip and fall. XD

  3. just make sure U fall on fluffy snow and not roadside hardened ice... Ouch! Enjoy the moment!

  4. Someone told me you're going to enjoy only the first day. And it was true.

    (We were in a snowstorm path last month...early snow.)

    Have fun yeah!

  5. @CX ~ both...

    @CK ~ hahahaha.. got so many religion here i only buat ayam... acceptable by semua..

    @kankan ~ then you mai lots of customers lo... lol

    @ooi2009 ~ go find clayden.. and your tetek ask clayden to deng nei ge fai until the tetek smaller ok!!

    @peace ~ eeeeeeeeeeee... benci...

    @delusion ~ hahahaha.. i think so too... snowstorm doesnt sound nice at all... and thanks.. wtf.. hahahaha