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Thursday, December 1, 2011

why muslim dont eat pork = why hindus dont eat beef...

this was what i wrote 2 days ago..

"what if youre muslim and youre stuck in antartica or some shit and the only source of drink is alcohol...??"

and a fellow blogger replied with..

"In islamic law it is permissible to eat those haram food if situation on the above happens.
study other religion properly before you made any statements or comments."

firstly i wanna make it clear that im not a religious person at all..

secondly i respect all religions equally..

thirdly, how do you know that i did not study other people's religion properly before making my statement?


im not trying to be a bitch here.. i asked a few religious friends about it before and the main thing they say to me is that pig is regarded as "unclean".. they eat all kinds of shit and stuffs..

thats the general answer la..

in my opinion, i think that what every religion bans or forbid its followers or disciples from eating and doing is to test their own willpower and mostly a sense of respect.

we humans can do whatever we want, wherever we want but there is a certain limit for everything..

the japanese and chinese eat babi all their lives and yet they still have one of the highest lifetime expectancy in the world..

i saw my friends showing me books of how "dirty" the babi-s are with all kinds of scientific bacterias and diseases caused, but to me in general, all animals are the same la ...

in my opinion, its like God wants to put a test in every religion to test you how strong your faith is.. you can have the world, but I only forbid you to eat one thing, in islam is pork, in hinduism is beef(sense of respect, cow is regarded as sacred)etc.. if that also you cant do, means your willpower is low.. its not like eating any of those will kill you.. its just a test.. if you fail the test means youre a bad person? you will go to hell? no.. youre just not strong in your own faith thats all..

its the same as some people turning into vegetarians, they hate animal cruelty slaughtering etc and chose a path to eat only non animal food.. some even eggs pun tak makan, thats a sense of respect to the animals? or they just hate cruelty??..

to me its the same general application..

its not like drinking alcohol can kill you, alcohol its hazardous if consume more than the limit, and you might do stuffs you shouldnt, maybe thats the whole main point muslims are forbidden to drink, they dowan you to act stupidly just in case you get drunk...

its like adam and eve with that stupid apple or was it an apple? lol... anyway.. god gave him everything yet he chose that one thing that god forbids him to eat.. same reason la..

religions are there to guide you to be good.. i bet all religions are the same but just in different ways.. but sometimes "people" in the religion that are bad ass and that makes them stray away.. its not like that religion is bad or kinda thing..

so yea...

thats just my opinion..

thanks everybody thanks...

the not so religious TULS...
ps. i dont believe in heaven and hell, but im not sure whats after life either! lol...

eat it you bitch... dont tahan! lol


  1. Some Buddhist arent allowed to eat beef too! Yesterday i ordered a burger in carl's junior and half way through the burger only it occurred to me.. Turned to my friend, "Is this beef?..". GASP!! I was eating beef. But ah well.. lol, i dint die what so ever and enjoyed the meal. XD

  2. and so if i give the khinzir proper clean food, like very very clean food and then sembelih it properly at 3am cut the throat etc... it's halal???

  3. Lol, tuls...pardon my language, but I only know how to s*ck c*ck only.


  4. Wah I like CX's comment haha :P

    And all I wanna say is... I eat everything and Bak Kut Teh is awesome!!!! Pork seriously nice la LOL!!

  5. to kaylex: mahayanese buddhists don't eat beef. Theravadians eat anything they want, even monks because they are being offered alms which they are not suppose to choose or pick. Back in the old days not many indians were vegan so compulsory of vegan diet couldn't work out.

    back to eating. anything u eat today will eventually lead you to death. as long as your suffering is minimized, just makan la

  6. kaylex :True Buddhist do not eat meat. they don't kill. buddhist are vegeterian. like monk, you know? some chinese do not eat meat, that is because they believe in Guan YIn. as it is sacred to them too.

    for those Gou Wong Ye, da bak gong kind of deity, we are merely believe in taoist.

    that's what i learnt through out the year.

  7. lol. buddhists are nor vegetarians, like tempus said, buddhist from the mahayana sect refrain from eating beef, and most of them are encouraged to be vegetarians to promote compassion. Whereas, buddhists from the teravada sect are taught to choose food. so basically its the difference in teachings.

    and I found out from my Malay friends that crabs, eels, dogs, frogs are also not halal

  8. What is god? Something to think about before we go on to discuss about religion ya? :D

  9. lets all respect all religion and races

  10. some muslim sect also didn't eat crabs,fish that don't have scales and mollusk

  11. @kaylex ~ guan yin ma will slap you personally! lol!! to see for forgiveness go to guanyinma.com ok!

    @lil prince ~ its halal but its forbidden still.. halal is just a term only la for the proper slaughtering of animals i think.. lol..

    @CX ~ ok.. what religion is that? cockism?!

    @jboy ~ hahahahahahaha.. acceptable! lol hahahahaha...

    @tempus ~ thanks for the fact! muacks!

    @brainy ~ :) no idea apa da bak gong.. lol.. hahaha...

    @clyde ~ interesting! 0.0

    @peace ~ oooo... i suka this line! muacks!!

    @ooi2009 ~ at last something relevant! lol...

    @ash ~ yup

    @chinese prick ~ 4 5 6 over and out!!

  12. actually muslims are not allowed to eat haiwan dari dua alam also... that's haram...

  13. A standing ovation for u! Bravo! Great reasoning!

  14. @lil prince ~ we are dua alam also.. lol we gays are also haram.. surely go to hell in this case.. fan zheng anyhow also go hell must well make the best out of life?! lol

    @lechatelier ~ kihihihi.. you make me blush one...

    ok you can vomit now..

    suddenly i feel so hiao... lol