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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Xmas in London :)

Jason and Vincent was there when i reach King Cross station, landing my foot on platform 9, the same place where Harry Potter enter the world of magic(couldnt find that wall though, no 3/4 for me).. haha.. after that we were joined by a cute silent anonymous reader of our blogs(yummy) and off to our hotel to throw all our bagasi.. we then went for our dinner at a nearby Chinese Restaurant(i was kinda celebrating the chinese winter festival where back in la-land we eat boiled nut+sugar wrapped in flour in ginger soup, where my grandma will make for us in Johor)..

the next day we roamed the streets of england 4 of us berganding bahu menge-camwhore macam every other tourist in the area.. haha.. was so exhausted we went and tried ice cream that cost rm20.. lol.. everything is expensive here..

it was hazelnut and toffee white chocolate a scoop each!! its super duper yummy!! :)

after that it was more and more of cam whoring...

saw the malaysian embassy along the way..

it was right at the entrance before entering the boulevard towards buckhingham pa-laise(thats how one of us pronounce palace :) guess who?!?!)..

then the big ben...

the eye..

and then someone acidentally PDA-ed in the land of gay-acceptable land.. feel like slapping them *joking*.. some more do it in front of me.. never die before(kantonese)...

moving on to more interesting stuffs..


two deaths in the UK.. how interesting..

i bought a pair of jeans that i was eyeing for quite some time now.. erm.. clothes and stuffs.. not much..

then later we went for afternoon(cos the sun sets very early it felt like supper) tea!! the scones and stuffs were delicious and filling!!

we were then later joined by mark and some bi-blogger(dont be angry ok i still love you, saje kacau nia.. hihi).. and our party is complete! the 6 of us then head off to some winter wonderland in hyde park.. not so much of a white xmas la no snow.. lol

being the balless me i did not went up the ride and just stood down there and ambik gambar and jaga beg.. they went up and scream their lungs out! haha...

later that night we went to the gay street to have an eye opener..

we went in and chilled and drink... lol.. ok la.. sekali lagi i menge-breach my own principle of not to drink.. bencis.. the fourth time after 4 months.. haha.. unavoidable much.. the crowd started to build up and the next thing we know we got like free passes to the HEAVEN - the biggest baddest gay club thingy in London? was it.. i rono.. my first time.. and so we went there and boomz!! it was heaven!!  it was like 50 times bigger than marketplace(ok im exxagerating) but it was huge and the people are like omg!! so banyak and topless and naked... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... hahahahaha.... basically everyone was high la...

the line to enter was as thick as one car width and the length of half a football field.. it was crazy... but this shot was taken when we were exiting.. haha.. so we are kinda like lucky!! :)

then the next day we were off to madam tussauds to have sex with the lookalike figures... :) and after dinner we went back to have some gay pillow talk and also all those drinking games wtf.. and then the gift exchange thing! hehe..  guess what i dapat!?!?

a nice fitting pair of colourful boxers and socks by Ted Baker! wohooooo!! :) i went home the next day with a heavy head.. haha...

still having withdrawal symptoms.. the fun, the experience, the company was too good.. and the silent reader who joined us is just tooo cute to handle :)

wanna wish a late Merry Xmas to all of you and hopefully New Year will be a blast!! :)


p.s. Jason and VINCENT, thanks for organizing and planning this trip, it couldnt been better :)  SL, mark, superdry, ninja, see you guys some time next year! :)


  1. so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh haha superdry, that was how you described to me that day. XD

  2. That's not the embassy. That's the tourism office.

  3. sounds like u had a lot of fun :)

  4. = =

    tuls don scare the boy away lol

  5. Not superdry ok? Superdry is someone else... The cute blogger is princess olive :)

  6. @kankan ~ ok la.. your germany sounds awesome too!! *stare* and superdry is so cute.... :)

    @anon1nymous1 ~ really arr? hhahahaha.. blonde much... ooops!!

    @colin ~ which colin is this wor? hhahahha.. are you who im thinking?!!!! and yes i had lots of fun.. haha..

    @vincent ~ :) *tongue*

    @jason ~ okok.. princess olive is so cuteeeeeeeee!! :)

  7. I miss London after reading your post. Was quite surprised to see a comment from the famous tuls on my post. New year luck for me.

  8. *bow down 45 degrees*

    hi william gor, youre the pioneer of the plublogs la.. im just a humble servant peeping from aside.. not famous whatsoever...

    haha.. good luck la in everything you do! hope that you and SK long long long long (chiong chiong gao gao)... haha.. muacks!!

    happy new year!! :)

  9. SK is my bestie... not my BF!!! Haha. My BF is KH. :)