t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, December 4, 2011

my old friend...

we see each other everyday..

sometimes a couple of mins.. sometimes its quite long but never more than an hour..

when i miss him i visit him a few times an hour..

sometimes i moan cos of the intensity of pain is so excrutiating..

sometimes i just sit back and relax and enjoy his company..

i always do bad things to him...

sometimes i curse him..

sometimes i shit at his face...

sometimes i force him to drink my piss..

but recently after eating some spicy nasi lemak, i miss him even more...

i went and look for him 4 times in the middle of the night...

it was so so so painful my asshole literally exploded at his face yet he just take it like a man...

thats my old friend, the toilet..

yesterday night diarrhea gao gao...

like to the max...

had my first nasi lemak after 3 months here.. haha..

my mina buat for me so spicy it was explosive but i took it down like a man and sweat a river out of me...

oh well its a nice one but im not gonna torture myself anymore after this... lol


  1. My face literally went O.o when i saw "force him to drink my piss".. Then only i figured it was a toilet bowl and went -_______________-''

  2. Remember your first expression upon seeing the toilet at your new place for the first time ?

  3. Poor toilet haha :P
    And poor you!! Don't eat la if terlalu pedas.. was it the spiciness that cause the diarrhea or was it because it was not hygienic/spoiled?

  4. so unerotic ,.....but clayden also talk abt shitting always

  5. never thought a toilet bowl is a male... hahaha, good one

  6. @CK ~ lol, my jokes always tak jadi one but thankius!! :)

    @CX ~ i think it does, but not me...

    @jboy ~ it was the spicyness!! :) hehe

    @kankan ~ lol!!!

    @ooi2009 ~ erm.. right...

    @malimo ~ its a male, cos the handle when you always toggle up and down is actually the dick, once you pull down hard hard it cums.... lol