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Monday, May 21, 2012

drawback of being too comfortable...

there's this close friend... we whatsapp just now, i was being me, cos of exams my replies are short.. but nevertheless being me my words were usually touched with a lil manja-ness in it.. but NOPE! through whatsapp people cant really detect or sense the manjaness so... somehow the word FUCKER that was intent to be with a lil manja-ness-irritated-but-not-hateful that was sent by me turned ugly..

well, he said he was ok but i can feel that he was not...

he wasnt responding to me later that.. not like how he used to...

maybe he is stressed out, and he needed someone to talk to, but i somehow make him feel even more left out by doing so and by using the word fucker makes things even worse...

exam periods are the worst..

you will tend to lose contact with the world with minimal contact at all unless youre pretty darn sure youre gonna ace it...

i feel super bad but i cant really do anything..

i apologize liao..

i even send a voice clip of how i would say the word fucker in the manja way but his mood is still down..


i really hope he dont hate me after this...

maybe i should learn how to not use too much profanity..

tuls o tuls... you have to understand not everyone is cool with foul languages.. please remember... my mum always remind me to not use them but i always say: its ok one la...

maybe she is right...

have to cut down...



  1. now now..this is just a misunderstanding..and he been a close friend with u, i'm sure he should understand it well what u mean...don't get too disheartened k =)

    Off u go =P hehe

  2. pat pat

    you will be fine =)

    After tuesday my dear... after tuesday...

  3. no worry~ i'm sure he'll understand when he has got better mood~ =]
    did u not put an emoticon after the word?
    to me, emoticons are good indicator for jokes~ =]

  4. i think he's just having problems atm so yeah it's true u said something at the wrong time at the wrong place ( a lil bit of an idiot) but understand he might be going through something so dont take it too personally lor

    I';m sure you two being best friends can sure be back one la, give him time = )

    n no la, exam time u r suppose to study la ppl wud understand = ) cheer up

  5. Text message is misinterpret most of the time :(

    Hugs XD

    1. I agree with the handsome malimo. Text measages are devoid of tone and hence can be misinterpreted very easily. However, if the person is a good friend, he should know how to take his friend's words into context

  6. flushing your mouth with chlorox helps sometimes...;)

  7. That's why it is always BEST to speak face to face. Text messages without body language and facial expression left us imagining things. A lesson then. Life long learning ah!

  8. wow, u like JS - Officially missing you!!!

  9. I'm sure everything will turn out fine, eventually. Perhaps you can consider to choose betters words next time when you write? Sometimes we don't read the wordings as they are intended to mean/sound. Yeah, verbal communication might minimize the misunderstanding.

    Till then, have fun with your post-exam celebration!!

  10. now you know why I was wondering whether it was really you when you said "may I help you" the other day on whatsapp. bitch >_>

  11. That's why don't use french when you can use english!! But shouldn't your friend know that's the way you talk?

    Exams are finally over eh? Go enjoy yourself, you've earned it! Don't get too crazy though! hahaha....

  12. im sorry peeps im kinda moody now i got no mood to reply each comment, just wanna say that i also misinterpret his reply as: he is super pissed at me but actually he is ok just that it doesnt show in the text...

    anyway we are ok edi...


    i feel so worn out like i havent been sleeping for 5 days...