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t u l s

Monday, May 7, 2012

i wanna go York..

so i heard people talking about the countryside in York(not New York ok) is so beautiful bla bla bla.. so yesterday night around 1am i boomz ninja asking him when is his exam ending and he said 25th ma so ok la boomz I contacted the boomz friend Jason and he said his exam finished by then as well so boomz..

i bought tix to Leeds for that weekend and York is like 30 mins train or something from Leeds so boomz! we are going!! haha..

so post exam trip + pre work trip number 1 settled..

see got any other activities to do before work or not.. hehe..

i really need this..

so happy... haha.. its like i survived my first year here, finished exams, secured summer placements.. although its only 8 months or so...

*bitch tone* im forcing ninja to cook for me since he is such a "good" cook.. you better not let me down, im trying to give you stress here.. lolllllllll.. hahahaha...


it will be fun la..

i took vincent for granted tho, didnt tell him anything... i expect jason to tell vincent about it.. so jahat kan me.. but usually thats the case one.. if youre couple edi, telling one of the couple means like telling both of them? no...? ok ok.. sorry vince.. hahahaha... come ok? i tak buat on purpose de.. since jason belum pigi before.. if youre still not done with exams then nvm la.. ok.. thats all for now..

tomorrow's paper jia you o! :)


  1. add oil..
    and take more picture of that beautiful place with your beautiful face :p

  2. So jealous! And the video on top! *faint* So hawt!!

    Totally agree with the last paragraph, usually telling one of the couple means telling both. haha... save time and energy.

    Good luck for your paper. shit forgot you are not superstitious. All the best to you anyway. :D

  3. hihi.. paper done,, it was unexpected la but i did my best liao so no regrets la just hope for the best! :) sankyous you two! :)