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Thursday, May 24, 2012

exams finally over.. moody...

so this can only mean one thing!!!

summer hols are here!!!!!!!!!!! wohoooooooooo!! its time for a celebration!!!!!!!!!! hahaha.. lol...

so secara rasmi kecil-kecilan i had a celebration with my mates in the city yesterday and cant wait for the upcoming one with Jason and Ninja this weekend... lol..

im officially fatter cos it shows when its out on facebook my muka memang sudah membesar, ok la, other places also membesar but the face seumpama bulan penuh !! lolllllllll

talking bout bulan, its only here for 5 hours now... fucking sun sets at 11 and rises at 4... so... i will be expecting more of the sun in the upcoming summer... bitch spring also so sunny liao.. fuck i will burn in summer..

the weather is getting hotter reaching about 19 degrees today and i was sweating like a cb... cos my fucking room has no fucking curtain but only a stupid translucent blind i either get burned by the heat till i sweat then awake or either by fucking mice running around my room!

it happened today!! fucking mice in my fucking room! fucking 2 of them..

so much of happy resting!! NOTTTTTTTTTT! i fucking woke up after a 4.5 hours of sleep just to hear mickey mouse biting thru the skirtings of the fucking room that is made out of wood! thats just great!! old fucking house is infested with mickey mouse and urghhhhhh!! the flies are everywhereeeeeeeeeeee!!

ok in quite a bad mood and agitated cos of the sleep and the mouse and im fat and more conscious now that im so free but im still in a bad mood and also the fucking weather..

what a way to start the hols..

and since i finished my exams i shall loan my luck to whoever who needs it la.. erm... i think vincent and leo-nut's exams belum habis.. ok la.. you two and whoever who needs it can just take it from me and gimme back after exams k...

im so tired while writing this.. got no mood to do anything i ate bread the whole day catching up with my glee and all the other movies i missed eg avengers and mirror mirror etc...

can somebody bring me back to their home arr i dowana live in this house anymore..

my rants are all over the place!! omgosh i feel like a bitch for complaining!!!


  1. Lol... You are letting all out. Ain't a bitch yet. You are just being you. ;)

    Besides, from what I read, you are quite happy that the exam season is over. So many nice things happening there, I'm sure you'll forget those Mickey Mouses and flies in no time (;

    Get some rest and have fun (remember safety first ya)!!


  3. look like u are moody bout mr 6ft2 as well..oh well

    *pat pat* dont start holiday like this lo..u gonna have 2 weeks only before ur placement start..try to enjoy and u gonna move out of that place soon too to ur new home =)

  4. can can, come my house, no mouse here... but got cat on the roof... hahahaha...

  5. OMG! I wouldn't be able to sleep if I knew a mouse was in my room!!!

    I would get all paranoid and feel like something is crawling over my head :O

  6. *group hug* i wanna manja with someone la... haih...