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Friday, May 4, 2012

he's not mine anymore...

seeing him happy makes me happy..

but i do wonder what if im there with him.. would that be better?.. i mean of course..

like seeing him hanging out with a bunch of mutual friend without me there is so.. ..... .... like.. like so... urgh..

some of them dont even know we are not together..


he changed quite a bit over the past months..

looking hotter by day.. more buffy.. more my type.. haha.. ah.....

like so many people is going after him..

i think he is dating but like im not sure la.. i mean.. like... i havent been talking to him for quite some time already..... ... ........lets say if he just flings around and stuffs then whatever la.. but like if he goes into dating and getting serious... like... i feel like...


like wow, like ok.. he is moving on.. trying to move on la.. i mean.. its a good thing.. for him.. i mean..haha.. but like..hmm.....

you'll be wondering who is he dating, you will start comparing, if he is better then good for him la but if he's not then you wonder why on earth do you wanna be with him kinda thing.. haha...

but oh well.. i dono la..

he has a show recently.. dancerboy dances for show kan.. so there are friends who even came to me and say: hey, your bf dances so well...

in my heart i was like... mmm.. yea.. i know..

but like...

he is not my bf anymore....

i miss him a lot...


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djM45ad4XTk&feature=relmfu

  2. *pat pat* u say no vain till finish exam..hope no emo too till then =) *hugs*

    ur 'about me' so long..add more..i have a good laugh over some points..haha

  3. =/
    cant really say anything comforting bud.

    but i hope for the best for ya =)

    fire on. =D

  4. If its any comfort, I miss seeing both of you together too. It felt right to me and I really appreciated both of you showing me the scene that one time. In due time I really do wish to see you guys reunited.

  5. sad rite. Smtimes wondering what he's doing. the heart burden hard to lift.

  6. haha.. im ok liao la.. i just need to get it out my system.. i emo max also 5 secs nia! :) thanks everybody thanks...

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