t u l s

t u l s

Thursday, October 2, 2014

20 gaylasexshipz facts about TULS

1. Bottom

2. I only fuck 5 person before.

3. Ive got 4 gay ex-es

4. I lost my gayginity at 16.

5. I joined the gym for a year when i was 18 just to have steamy hot sex in the shower, sauna and steamroom.

6. Uncut

7. I like thick mushroom dick heads a lot

8. I'm a spreader not a sitter.

9. Turn ons: pits, thick dicks, tall guys, big dark nipples,

10. I've got a fetish of cumming on people's face.

11. I only swallowed 2 person's cum so far.

12. Usually only watches interracial porn.

13. Best sex was with a black german guy in the UK.

14. Had a backache and sprained my neck once during one of the long haul sex all night thingy and went to work the next day with a slightly crooked neck with limited movement. lol

15. Fisted one person in my life. It was fun!

16. Bareback for the entire year when i was 18, the year that I had sex the most in my entire life. naughty naughty

17. Never blow a person that I meet for the first time.

18. Realized what a wank was at the age of 12 but only to pee instead then. lol

19. A condom filled with cum was stucked in my rectum once. Took me 10 mins to remove it. lol

20. Slept while a dick was in me once.

i tag any gay blogger who reads this to *blog about their gaylasexshipz(gay/sex/relationship related) facts!!

*do it if youre sporting bitcheS!!



  1. Okies imma do it hahaha... When I saw the title, I couldn't even make sense of what gaylasexhipz was... like what does the 'la' stand for?

    1. i love your list!!! i shall do the next list next time! :) hahahaha... got continuation one... or maybe i shall just elaborate each point! :) hahahahaha

    2. oh its like relationship so i just put the la as the bridge lor. gaylasexships lol

  2. lolz. this post gave me a boner.

    1. jboy also gave you a boner :) hahahahaha... you must have stayed hard for long! :) i like hard boys.. lol

  3. that num 17, aint it void already?

  4. only 20 in the list? i supposed you can go on and list another 200?

    tmi lo...