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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What happens when your ex dates your friend...

hey... how are you lately? 

im pretty ok... im heading out in a bit, can't talk now..

oh alright.. ...... a date?

yea, with my harem of asian boys..


would be interesting no?

right.... so, is it a date?

in a way just hanging out, its not like a date or anything..

so is he asian too?

yea, asians are more interesting than caucasians!!


what? even if you disagree, its true!!

-.- ..... so what country of origin?

what the fuck, are you shining a bright lamp on my face!?!!

more like the sun!!

i'll die!!

is he malaysian?

i'll let you know more when things are actually going well this time, i don't want to get prematurely hyped up this time, last time got me too much in a slump and it affected me WAY more then it should have

is it Jeremy? (Jeremy is a close friend of mine from home who is studying where i worked in the UK)

no response for some time...

you went out already?

i met Jeremy on Jack'd, we started talking and we've gone out before. As said, i don't know if anything bigger will grow from it, i'm being cautious after last time and i don't want to go through that stuff again.


im waiting for him to tell me when he is ready... so im still here...

you must be joking, Jeremy is like a brother to me.....

no not really. yeah, i heard you guys know eachother :p i guess i'm giving you both quite the surprise huh

this is weird, anyway you should go..

hehe i guess it is yeah. sorry if it makes stuff awkward

i dont know what to say...

is it a bad thing to you?

i dont really know how to react to that...

i think i should go before i say something that i would regret.. catch you later.. :) have fun...

are you angry at me? or at him?

why should i be angry? but seriously of all the asians there, Jeremy, seriously? 

yeah, i don't know how that happened. it's a bit weird to me as well but I can imagine how weird it must be for you two

have you had sex yet?

wtf, besides, even if i had would you really even want to know. it's 3am, go to bed *hugs* and just so you know, even if things end up more serious between Jeremy and me, you'll still be a friend of mine..

lets not go there.. night.

i feel disgusted, i seriously didnt know how to react or what to do.. it was 3am in the morning and i kinda ranted and sent offline messages to Niey and went to bed.. the next morning Niey replied with the following...

Well.. I know things cud be weird at first. But in the end, He is someone that you know you won't have a future with. And u have moved on too.. So.. Good or bad, it is his own choice. I think in the end, you just have to let him go on with his life even he may be dating ur friend. It doesn't really matter if he date ur friend or ur ex or anyone. Somehow, u just gotta learn to be happy for him.
For now sure it's gonna be weird.. But in the end, your priorities in life will be more important than who are the people ur ex date one. Let it sink in, n u will just feel a lot better sooner. Both are your friends no? So put it in thus way lo.. As long as they are happy.. U just gotta be supportive. That's all. :)

What Niey said was true la.. and i really thanked him for that ..

hey, im sorry for reacting that way yesterday, clearly i wasnt thinking straight. ultimately i just wanted you to be happy..

i know , and i dont blame you. its a weird coincidence, its kinda why i didnt wanna tell you yet until it actually became more serious. its kinda weird i met him of all people. so yea, i dont blame you. i just dowana make things awkward.

haha,... it wont be la, i'm past that already..

thanks for being understanding..


  1. Hmm I've never been in such a position, so I wouldn't know what the normal response should be.....

    But logically speaking, if you ended things on good terms with your ex, means he is your friend right? So if your friend gets together with another friend, I guess you should be happy for them? I mean, unless you still have feelings for your ex, then maybe I can relate to how you reacted :P

  2. guess you're still in love with him, stay strong , remember that life goes on, just have a little faith, i am sure you will find your mr right : )

  3. Stone... coold... stone... coollld.....