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t u l s

Saturday, October 25, 2014


a conversation on jackd goes like this...

hey, mind to be friends?

sure no prob!!


are you attached?

...well, what if i say yes? hehe....

then i will say bye bye :)


does he know that youre here?



he does...

but by then ive already stopped talking to him and ignored him altogether

so many signals pointing to the fact that his intention is questionable.. whether he is here genuinely to find friends, we dont know..

its just weird la saying that you need to expand your friend circle by joining these gay apps when you already have a partner..

you can always explore the scene with your partner..

you can always make new friends with your partner..

i dont believe in self venturing and find friends through all these apps knowing that most of them are on there to just search for a shag..

i dont really understand how could someone that is attached still on these sex apps.. i dont really get the big picture behind it..

you are putting yourself at risk of cheating, no matter how strong your willpower to overcome temptation etc..

its just weird to me.. 

i wouldnt wanna have anything to do with an attached person even if he just wanna be friends... that only applies through apps kinda thing... 


  1. i feel like writing a post like this ..; plain bluntly, I hate talking to them.

  2. Good! Not many people have the same opinion though, making me sound like overly righteous. Sigh

    1. hahahah... there are different characters we see each day, let them amuse us la...