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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Past relationships... First boyfriend : Baby Z (Part 2)

Baby Z and I kinda grabbed every opportunity we have to be together and of course intimately too. So whenever his house is "free" even if its just for awhile I will try to go over to his to savour the moment. We could do it at mine but it would be a hassle to go pick him up to mine and then back to his after. I dont really have air conditioning at mine as well and I do really sweat a lot and therefore his place would be a better option. Im not really joking about my sweating abilities, anyone who knows me personally would know. haha. I sweat by looking at the sun, im the literate definition of hot! lol. Think twice before you wanna hug me to sleep, dont think its doable if youre another fiery person or if the airconditioning is not set full blast with the lowest possible temperature. haha.

I remember clearly one afternoon when i was at his place. We were going to use his parent's bath tub and kinda have a soak, together. It was really romantic. There were candles all over, the tub was filled when i reached and there were a few rose petals to soften and ease the mood. To be honest it was quite weird cos its a one person tub, haha. We kinda adjusted a few times before getting the right position to have both of us comfortably fitted in the tub without the water overflowing lol.

We were just chatting away and having sips of soda every once awhile. There were lots of body contact obviously and also lots of kissing. At one point he just stood up and say: "wait for me, i will be back". I'm not sure what he was up to and I just assume he went out to get lube and i was pretty excited already. I just relaxed myself in the tub and kinda clean up while i have a short time alone. Well guess what. Its not short. I waited and waited and waited. My curiosity kinda took myself up from the tub and go check whats happening. When i open the door i saw a handbag on the bed. FUCK ME i thought to myself. The mum is home! GREAT. BabyZ was no where to be seen and so i softly closed the door. I was trying to put some clothes on when i realize that all our clothes was outside the bathroom. -.-

My heart was pounding so quickly and i have really no idea what to do. I just kept quiet hoping that he would come for me. He didnt. I waited and waited and was thinking WHERE THE FUCK IS HE. haha. Seriously you have no idea how crazily scared i was then. I have no clue how long have i waited so i tried to open the door a little and guess what, the handbag was still there. fuck. So many things were going through my mind. What would happen if the mum found out? Wait, if the mum heard our conversation or heard someone was talking in the bathroom, shouldnt she have knocked and asked or something? Does that mean she doesnt know? I daringly stuck my head out from the bathroom door. I looked left and right and there was no one there. The next thing i realize is my clothes were gone too. Great.

I took a deep breath, i clad a towel around my lower half of the body and weirdly tipped toed out the bathroom. That was the first thing I did was to lock the room door. The next thing i did was to figure out what to do, i explored the room a little and found a door that led to an "office" and there he was. BabyZ, sitting in front of a computer. I was like what the hell are you doing?

i had to switch on the computer to use as cover just in case.

right, but you could have informed me.

i can't, i was talking to mum just now.

ok, ok. so what now.

wear these first. 

After im dressed, we moved to the main bedroom door. Once we checked that the coast is clear we moved on and up to his room. Thank goodness it was the most relieved moment in my life. lol. Later i found out from babyZ that his mum was in the room next to the masterbed room folding clothes or something. I think i left shortly after when the mum is occupied doing something else. I can't imagine what would happen if we were caught. Seriously his family is like one of the least tolerable type against us gays. That heartpounding moment would be one of the many ones that would be remembered forever. lol.

xx to be continued xx


  1. Ha hahahaha... Apa la... Like two blondies aje. Ha hahahaha... But I'm sure it was an experience you'd remember... FOREVER! :)

    1. we were young and innocent then.. still are.. lol

  2. Yes, you sweat a lot, it's quite obvious hahahahaha :P

    I'm trying to imagine what Baby Z looks like..... cute or handsome? hunky or geeky? ;)

    1. he is an average cute kid.. not hunk, not geeky, fashionable, handsome arr? well he dressed well. trendy i would say..